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Dalton’s Guide to Water Treatment

Monday, June 27th, 2022

There’s no secret that homeowners today not only want to be comfortable in their homes as affordably as possible, but that they also want to be as safe and healthy as possible. There are many ways to achieve this–with the right comfort control systems, the right indoor air quality solutions, and the right water treatment!

That last one doesn’t get talked about a lot, but it should. Even though the water that comes from the city’s plant is heavily treated, it has many miles to travel from that plant to your home, and along the way can pick up minerals and contaminants that affect the taste, the water quality, and even your plumbing system.

Read on as we uncover the types of water treatment systems on the market today, the signs you need water treatment, and what the benefits are of having a whole-house water treatment system installed.

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How Long Should I Run My AC During the Summer?

Monday, June 20th, 2022

There’s a common belief among homeowners that air conditioners have their limits. They do, just maybe not in the way that you think.

For instance, most air conditioners can not reach over 20°F below whatever the temperature is outside. So, if we were to experience a 100°F day, setting the thermostat to 70°F won’t do anything except cause the compressor to keep running, and do so inefficiently.

Another limit is that even with careful, routine maintenance, all air conditioners will eventually wear down to the point that they’re no longer usable. The useful service life of the average cooling system is 10-15 years.

A common question we get, in regards to air conditioning limitations, is “how long should I run my AC during the summer?” The short answer to this is, “as long as you want to!” Here’s the thing…. you can keep your thermostat set to “cool” mode 24/7 during the summer if you want to. This only becomes inefficient and leads to faster wear and tear if you fail to have your system professionally maintained and/or you don’t use your thermostat correctly. Read on to learn more!

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Dalton’s Guide to Geothermal Systems

Monday, June 13th, 2022

More and more homeowners throughout the Cedar Rapids area are seeking ways to cut expenses and explore alternatives to their current HVAC methods in order to do so. Geothermal energy can often get overlooked, with folks assuming that it’s “just as expensive” as any other type of air-source heating and cooling applications.

But this simply is not the case. Geothermal cooling and heating may be the perfect solution for your home. Below, we’ve outlined how this might be the case. If you want to keep your home as comfortable as possible, as affordably as possible, read on!

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Is It Difficult to Install a Ductless Mini Split?

Monday, June 6th, 2022

When homeowners are looking to purchase a new air conditioner, they go into it knowing it’s a huge investment. Therefore, they may be tempted to cut corners and do an installation on their own to save money. However, the thing about big investments is that you really need an experienced professional on your side to make sure it operates as effectively and efficiently as it’s meant to. So, our answer to “Is it difficult to install a ductless mini-split” is going to be, “For you, maybe not… for one of our professionals, definitely not!”

Installing a ductless system on your own could leave you with a system that doesn’t operate as well as it could have otherwise or with broken air handlers later on down the line, which we’ll elaborate on below. Read on as we uncover what you need to know about ductless installation.

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Which AC Unit Should I Buy?

Monday, May 23rd, 2022

Temperatures are starting to warm, and with that change in the weather, you may be wondering if your air conditioner is ready for another hot season ahead. Of course, if you’re making that decision now, it could be tempting to rush into a purchase before summertime hits in earnest. Rushing a decision like this, however, can be a mistake, leaving you with a potentially inefficient air conditioner and/or an improperly installed air conditioner.

We’re going to assume that you’re not rushing into this purchase, and this is why you’ve decided to read this blog post. With that, we’re happy to share some information that may help you make a careful, educated decision about your next air conditioner purchase. Read on!

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How Long Does a Heat Pump Last in Iowa?

Monday, May 16th, 2022

If you’ve been considering a new air conditioner lately, and you believe you might need a heating system too, then a heat pump installation may be just what your Vinton area home needs. Heat pump systems are versatile and energy-efficient, which we will get into more below.

One of the common questions get about heat pumps though, is how long should they last? Given that these are year-round systems, do they last less time than a traditional central air conditioner? Not necessarily!

When properly maintained–this means getting a professional tune-up every 6 months–your heat pump should have a useful service life of 10-15 years. Read on to learn more about these systems, and when you’re ready to schedule installation, go ahead and give our team a call!

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What Type of Water Heater Is Right for My Home?

Monday, May 9th, 2022

When you start exploring the different types of water heaters that are on the market, the options can seem overwhelming. There are heat pump water heaters, electric-powered or gas-powered water heaters, solar water heaters, and even tankless water heaters.

When considering what type to get, it’s easier to start with just two options in mind–a tank or tankless system. Storage tank model water heaters are what you’re most likely used to seeing in the average home, and may even be what you currently have. They come in different sizes based on capacity, and constantly store water which they heat up using elements inside the system. Tankless systems, however, are “on-demand” systems. We’ll explain what that means below. Read on to learn more!

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4 Common Causes for AC Repair

Monday, May 2nd, 2022

Summer is not quite here yet, but soon enough temperatures will warm, and you’ll want to ensure that your air conditioning system is in good shape. Of course, this means paying close attention to any indicators of a problem and calling in a professional right away to service your system.

But, what if you are not familiar with the kinds of issues that an air conditioner might face? Well, you’re in luck. We’ve listed 4 of the most common AC repair issues; read on and learn about the issues your air conditioner could face–and schedule a tune-up with us so we can inspect and clean your system to help you avoid unexpected repair needs!

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Making the Choice Between Central Air Conditioning and Going Ductless

Monday, April 25th, 2022

As temperatures start warming up, air conditioning talk is happening more and more. If you are in the market for a new cooling system, now is a great time to make that investment. It’s never wise to rush into a purchase of this nature, since doing so could leave you with an inefficient or improperly matched AC system for your home.

There are many factors to consider when replacing an old air conditioner. Do you also need to replace your furnace or boiler? Are you looking for ways to increase efficiency throughout the year rather than just in the summertime? Then a ductless system may be a great choice. If your heating needs aren’t urgent though, and you’ve always had a central air conditioner, you might want to stay the route.

Read on to learn the benefits of each and to get our viewpoint on which type of AC is best!

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How Much Does an AC Installation Cost?

Monday, April 18th, 2022

Buying a new air conditioner is a huge investment. We get it! We do applaud you for looking into this purchase now rather than waiting for temperatures to warm up. This gives you time to truly explore your options, looking at not only the initial cost of your system, but how much it will likely cost you to operate from month to month, the type of system you want, and how efficient of equipment you want.

These are all factors we’ll go into when we help you with your purchase and installation–because you should only ever trust a pro for this job. Trained and experienced HVAC professionals, like the members of our team, will be able to adequately match and size the right air conditioner to your specific home, for your specific needs. Read on as we uncover the factors that go into your AC installation cost.

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