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Whole Home Generator Services in Cedar Rapids, IA

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Generators are important in our area, whether you live in the Bohemia neighborhood or anywhere between there and University Heights, since we deal with power outages, severe storms, and other energy-related issues on a regular basis. Achieve reliability and energy efficiency when you work with the experienced professionals at Dalton Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, Electric and Fireplaces, Inc..

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You read that right—we’re available 24/7 to take your call and provide your generator with fast repairs or schedule a convenient installation. Trust us to do the job so you can feel confident leaving your home to enjoy community landmarks like the Hawkeye Downs Speedway. 

Just call our team today for your generator services! Your Comfort Is Our Promise.


Calculate your power needs

The first step towards installing a whole–house generator is calculating how much power it will need. That entails performing an energy audit of your Cedar Rapids, IA home and prioritizing the electrical appliances there.

Ideally, your generator should have enough power to handle everything (including unexpected surges), but in the event you need to look at a smaller unit, prioritization lets you separate the necessities (such as your refrigerator) with things you can leave unplugged during a crisis (such as a video game system). Our team of electricians can perform such calculations with you and ensure that your generator is ready for the task at hand.

Proper installation makes a big difference

Once you’ve determined the power load for your generator – along with other components such as the fuel type and fuel consumption rate (if necessary), you need to find the right spot to place it. This can be trickier than it sounds. The generator needs to have access to your electrical grid and requires proper ventilation to function. It should also be easily accessible in the event of inclement weather, in case you need to get to it.

Our trained technician can work with you to find the best spot on your property for your new generator, then install it with maximum care and attention to detail. With us on your side, your new generator will function exactly as expected, and you’ll be ready to go the minute that trouble hits!

We perform repairs and maintenance too

If your generator runs into trouble, you shouldn’t attempt to fix it yourself. Without proper licensing, you’re apt to compound the problem. Instead, contact our trained team with any repair issues you might have in order to complete the work properly, and ensure that your generator is in good shape when you need it.

Unfortunately, it can be hard to notice when the generator has a problem, and the only time that damage may become apparent is in the middle of a crisis. That’s why we offer regular maintenance sessions for your whole–house generator, conducted at least once a year and designed to catch any problems your generator may have before they catch you at the worst possible time!