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Ceiling Fan Services in Cedar Rapids, IA

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We aren’t just friendly folks to say hi to when you see us around at Greene Square Park or the McGrath Amphitheatre, we’re much more! We provide exceptional electrical installations, including energy boosting ceiling fans. The pros at Dalton Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, Electric and Fireplaces, Inc. can get yours set up in record time.

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We’ve been installing, repairing, and maintaining ceiling fans in Cedar Rapids, IA, from Bohemia down to Vernon Heights, for over 60 years.

Call our expert electricians today to invest in your very own ceiling fan system. Your Comfort Is Our Promise!


How do fans help us stay cool?

Fans serve a specific function when it comes to keeping cool. Our bodies cool off naturally when sweat evaporates off of our skin, and moving the air helps that process immeasurably. Cedar Rapids can get very humid in the summertime, and the stagnant air in your home actually makes it feel hotter than it is. Your air conditioner thus has to work harder to do its job: raising your monthly bills and the chances of a breakdown in equal measures.

Fans help that process out in countless ways, while costing much less than the air conditioner in the process. They even let you air out your house by opening the windows in the evening, helping to keep the air fresh as well as giving your air conditioner a break.

Why use ceiling fans?

You can certainly use oscillating fans or similar fans to move air in your house. They’re inexpensive and easy to set up and use. Unfortunately, they aren’t as effective as ceiling fans owing to their placement. By channeling the circulating air from the top of the room, ceiling fans allow a much higher percentage of the air to move through the space: improving efficiency and allowing your home to cool much more quickly.

Furthermore, ceiling fans are out of the way and don’t create clutter, unlike oscillating fans. And with the right team to install them, you can rest assured they’ll do a terrific job. Get the process started with a consultation, allowing you to find the right ceiling fan and proper placement in your home.

Trust us to handle the job right

Ceiling fans require proper installation and wiring to function the way they’re supposed to. "Do–it–yourselfers" should never attempt it, since wiring can be dangerous if installed improperly and requires licensing to handle the right way. A proper electrician, on the other hand, can perform the operation swiftly and effectively, and ensure that your new ceiling fan works exactly the way it’s supposed to.

It’s all part and parcel for our team, where quality work is everything and customer satisfaction is job one. With us in your corner, your new ceiling fan will work exactly as intended and your home’s energy bills will see the difference!