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Radiant Heating Services in Cedar Rapids, IA

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Radiant heat is often more comfortable and welcoming than forced-air heat. When radiant heat emanates from your boiler or electric heating system in your Cedar Rapids home, it feels like being warmed by the rays of the sun. You’ll find it more efficient than relying on the shops at NewBo District to keep you warm. The pros at Dalton Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, Electric and Fireplaces, Inc. are more than capable of providing radiant heating services for you.

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What is radiant heating?

Radiant heating systems supply warm energy directly from the floor, walls or ceilings. The heat is delivered directly from a hot surface and distributed with radiant heat transfer.

Infrared radiation is used to deliver heat in the room. The warmth of a hot stovetop from across the room is the effect you feel from radiant heating. Radiant floor heating is located in the floor. It can also be referred to as just floor heating.

What are the benefits?

There are a number of benefits from radiant heating, these systems tend to be more healthy and comfortable than vent heating. The following advantages apply.

  • Effectiveness: It is more effective than baseboard heating. It is generally more efficient than forced–air heating as well. This is because duct losses are eliminated.
  • Hypoallergenic: Radiant heat is preferred by people with allergies because it doesn’t distribute allergens. Vent heating systems gather pollen and dust and pump air that has traces of it throughout the entire home.
  • Energy Efficiency: Radiant heating systems are installed beneath the floor. They typically use less energy than forced air systems. This is because heat is directly radiated from the building and does not expend the extra energy necessary to travel through vents.
  • Comfort: The heat these system produce feel more natural. It radiates throughout the home and continues to spread upward. This is similar to the action of heat in nature from the sun. The sun heats the ground and slowly releases it over a matter of hours. This kind of heat feels warmer at lower temperatures than forced air heating. Radiant heating spreads slowly into the air without air movement. This is what makes it seem warmer.

How much money can I save?

The cost savings will depend on the region you live in, the layout of your system, the fuel source, the severity of the winters, and how well insulated your home is. Most homeowners can save 10% to 30%. There are record savings of up to 60% or more as well.

If you are looking for professional repair services, contact us today. Our expert technicians will get started on installing an incredible radiant heating system for you today!