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What Should You Avoid Putting Down Your Garbage Disposal?

July 6th, 2020

hands-washing-head-of-lettuce-over-drain-in-kitchen-sinkIf you’ve been using a garbage disposal in your kitchen sink, you likely can’t picture cooking and cleaning up without it, right? Whether it’s an unfinished meal, cooking scraps, or spoiling leftovers, it’s so convenient to just swoosh it down the drain instead of throwing it in the trash and risking a smelly kitchen until you or another member of your household get around to dumping the bag.

However, some homeowners are often over-dependent on these devices and that attitude can lead to unpleasant surprises, such as an urgent need for garbage disposal repair in Waterloo, IA.

Homeowners may sometimes find themselves getting frustrated by a garbage disposal that keeps getting jammed up or the fact that they’ve had to call a plumber more than once to get something out of the mechanisms. Read on as we uncover some of the problems garbage disposals and kitchen sink drains face due to what people put down them.

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Why Your Ductless Installation Requires a Pro

June 22nd, 2020

woman-in-modern-living-room-remotely-turning-on-ductless-air-handlerHave you ever heard of an AC installation that could lead to an unexpected air conditioning repair in Waterloo, IA? This seems counterintuitive, but amateur installation can absolutely lead to unexpected service needs later on. To ensure that your air conditioner functions as effectively and efficiently as it should throughout the years, then you want to work with a professional for your installation.

There is no exception for a ductless HVAC system.

Rather than operating through a system of air ducts connected to a single indoor air handler and evaporator unit, a ductless HVAC system breaks up the indoor unit and blower fans into individualized air handlers, mounted high up on the wall in each room it’s installed in. The thing is, ductless installation is unique, and without the right team on your side, you could wind up with problems, which we’ll get to in a moment. In the meantime, read on to learn what makes a ductless system special.

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Don’t Make This Indoor Air Quality Mistake!

June 8th, 2020

dirty-air-filterThere is a common indoor air quality mistake that many homeowners make, and that’s assuming that their HVAC air filter is going to eliminate allergens and contaminants from their homes. Waterloo, IA HVAC filters are vital to the performance and efficiency of your air conditioner, but they aren’t actually enough to protect your indoor air quality.

And this is important information to know, particularly since we’re spending the majority of our time indoors these days, and if you or anyone in your household suffers from allergies or asthma, this is a big deal. Indoor air quality is a huge concern, and it should be. This is why we cannot say enough good things about adding a whole-home solution to your living space, with a whole-house air purifier and/or whole-house air filtration system.

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What AC Repairs Do You Need?

May 25th, 2020

air-conditioner-with-clipboard-sitting-on-itYour home’s central air conditioning system is one of the most important appliances there is when it comes to your family’s comfort and quality of life. It’s also one of the most specialized pieces of equipment! While the average homeowner can certainly take on tasks like minor plumbing fixes, replacing an electrical outlet, or doing some basic carpentry work, there are not many homeowners who have the specialized knowledge required to service or maintain their HVAC system.

Just like your vehicle or many other systems, your air conditioner need regular maintenance to keep working as it should, and it’s a lot easier (and cheaper) to address any problem when it’s barely begun than wait until it’s grown into something much bigger. Even the best, most well-cared for air conditioner has a lifecycle of about 10-15 years, but you can get the most out of those years by scheduling repairs as soon as you need them. So how can you tell you need them? Read on!

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The Truth about Power Surges

May 11th, 2020

power-strip-with-two-cords-plugged-inHomes today have more electrical equipment and appliances in them than ever before. In fact, if we had to guess we’d say that you likely have multiple devices connected to your power supply/electrical grid at any given time, right? What’s the best way to protect your appliances and power charging stations, though?

It’s important to know the answer to this since power surges—also known as voltage spikes—can do irreparable damage to electrical components. Think you can avoid worrying since you have power strips in all your outlets? We have some news…

You’re not really protected. It’s time to call your trusted Waterloo electricians and see what more you could be doing to protect your home’s electrical system and the appliances connected to it. Read on as we elaborate!

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Are You Using Your Cooling System Efficiently?

April 27th, 2020

HVAC-return-register-low-on-wallAny air conditioning system in our area is going to get a workout during the summer. Fortunately, air conditioners are built with efficiency in mind.

However, what if you aren’t using your cooling system as efficiently as possible? There are Waterloo air conditioning services that will help with this, like routine AC maintenance, but even with maintenance, there are a number of ways an AC system could lose efficiency and start raising your utility bills.

Read on as we uncover some of the top tips for using your cooling system as efficiently as possible.

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Now Is the Time: Schedule AC Maintenance Today!

April 13th, 2020

two-techs-in-front-of-ac-outdoor-unit-looking-at-tabletTemperatures may be relatively mild for now, but we all know that when summer hits, it hits hard. It’s imperative that your air conditioner be ready!

Understandably, when an HVAC pro suggests maintenance for your air conditioner, it can be an easy recommendation to dismiss. Unless you need emergency AC repair in Evansdale, IA, you may be tempted to put off service to save money, especially if your cooling system is working “just fine.”

We encourage you to change your perspective! Just like maintenance for your vehicle, routine AC tune-ups are essential to the overall performance of your climate control system in preventing repairs, improving efficiency, and extending the system’s lifespan. How so? Read on!

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How to Install Great Outdoor Lighting

March 30th, 2020

outdoor-light-among-flowersAs the snow melts and springtime temperatures start warming up, many homeowners start thinking about the outdoors—including projects they want to complete outdoors. Oftentimes this includes upgrading their outdoor landscaping and lighting. Whether you’d like more lighting in order to entertain or even just to enjoy eating dinner outside with your family, there’s never a bad reason to desire great outdoor lighting.

But to truly get great outdoor lighting, you want to make sure you work with professional Waterloo electricians, which will help you avoid a number of potential problems, such as what we’ve outlined below.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Health & Safety Update

March 26th, 2020

With COVID-19 (the Coronavirus) dominating headlines around the globe, we wanted to take a moment to let you know that our company is taking appropriate and recommended precautions against virus transmission.

Some safety precautions we’re taking include:

  • Using boot covers on our feet when entering homes.
  • The usage of cleaning wipes for our electronic devices.
  • Adding hand sanitizer to our service vehicles for regular usage.
  • Locked our doors to walk-in customers for everyones safety.
  • Our management team will be keeping a close eye on the CDC website for any new updates.
  • Our management team will also keep a close watch over employees for any signs/symptoms of COVID-19 and sending them home if they are sick while following the CDC guidelines.

The health and safety of you and our staff are our absolute priority. Rest assured in knowing that the technician coming to your residence is coming prepared in the safest manner possible.

Thank you for choosing to work with us. We’re all in this together, and the least we can do is continue to guarantee your comfort!

Your Dalton Team

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End-of-Season Furnace Care Tips

March 16th, 2020

technician-servicing-gas-furnaceRelatively speaking, our weather is fairly predictable year after year. Yes, we certainly do have cold winters, but we can pretty much count on warmer temps coming in late April, early May. A time when we will be turning our attention to our home air conditioners and ensuring they’re well maintained. This is a great idea, but you certainly shouldn’t ignore your furnace this time of the year, even if you’re not going to need it for much longer. This is particularly true if it’s been showing any problematic symptoms.

Ignoring any kind of furnace problems can cause a domino effect until you’re facing a much bigger issue that leaves you with a broken down heater when you need it the most next fall. Depending on the circumstances, ignoring furnace repair needs could also leave you with a malfunctioning air conditioner, too. But how do you know if you have problems that need addressing? Read on as our furnace repair experts uncover some of the common symptoms of furnace malfunctions, and tips on how to manage them.

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