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Heat and energy recovery ventilation services in Waterloo and Cedar Valley

Looking to install heat or energy recovery ventilators? Call today for service in Waterloo, IA and surrounding areas. Click here for our latest coupons and specials.

Opening your windows allows some fresh air in, but a home doesn't truly have a complete air exchange without additional help. Energy recovery ventilators (ERVs) and heat recovery ventilators (HRVs) feature a fresh air intake vent and an exhaust area to move air effectively throughout your home. We receive several inquiries about these systems. For most homes, they are a smart addition to control indoor air pollutants. The team at Dalton Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, Electric and Fireplaces, Inc. can help you install one and make sure you receive quality air exchange. See what your neighbors in Waterloo are saying in our customer reviews.


What are the benefits of these systems?

One of the major benefits of ERVs and HRVs is fresher air in the home. Modern home constructions are tightly sealed, creating a haven for dust, dander, and pollutants. Ventilation systems move air continuously throughout the home and are constantly working to remove contaminants.

Suffer from allergies? You will find it easier to breathe indoors with these ventilators. Harmful toxins, such as formaldehyde, are also vented to the outdoors. Basic construction materials, from flooring to drywall, emit some toxic fumes; the ventilation systems keep them away from you and your family.

The energy recovery ventilators in particular remove moisture from your indoor air. Although they aren’t dehumidifiers, ventilation systems can keep your home more comfortable by stopping excess humidity from entering. You feel cooler than you would outdoors.

Are these systems right for you?

If your home has significant toxin levels, such as formaldehyde, ERVs and HRVs systems can help reduce the dangerous effects of these toxins. Other fumes, including radon, are another reason to install these ventilation systems. Radon fumes naturally occur under the home through uranium decay; however, the indoor environment can trap this odorless gas, which can cause significant health problems. The proper ventilator in place will move the fumes out of the home for better air quality.

Poor venting for cooking appliances, along with a sealed home construction, requires a system to exchange the air indoors with those outside. Otherwise, each meal cooked would cloud the home’s indoor air with pollutants. We can evaluate your home to verify your structure’s exact needs for the best air quality.

Are these systems energy efficient?

Both ERVs and HRVs are extremely energy efficient. Unlike a traditional air conditioner, they don’t incur a high energy cost. There is a fan assembly that moves air through the vents, but the cost savings is your comfort. Because you will feel more comfortable with less humidity in the air, you won’t be tempted to turn up the furnace or air conditioner. Your energy bills will drop with just a fan cooling or heating the home.

ERVs and HRVs are energy efficient in many different ways. Because it’s just a simple fan running the system, it’s even possible to add solar power to the home to run the ventilation.

Contact us today for more information. Our team of experts will help you choose the right system for your needs and guarantee complete satisfaction, or your money back.