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Heating Installation Services in Waterloo, IA and the Cedar Valley

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If you need a heater installed in Waterloo, there should only be one name that comes to mind—Dalton Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, Electric and Fireplaces, Inc.. It’s finally time to stop searching for “heating system installation near me.” Our technicians are highly skilled, we only use brand-name equipment, and our financing options are flexible and affordable.

  • We’ve been family-owned and operated since 1959.
  • We define success based on how comfortable you are when a job is finished.
  • We operate with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

We’ve been helping homes stay heated and comfortable since 1959 and we’re not going anywhere anytime soon.

Call our professionals for a comfort consultation to see what heating system would work best for you! Your Comfort Is Our Promise.


Furnace Installation and Replacement

Having a furnace installed in your home is a lot different than radiant heating installation, because it’s a forced-air heating system. This means that it needs to be hooked up to your existing ductwork in order to heat the air of your home and provide comfortable temperatures based on what’s listed on your thermostat. If you’re still furiously searching online for "heating installation near me," then a furnace that’s set up by us could be perfect for your home.

Our furnace installation and replacement services come with a money back guarantee, which means we’re aiming for complete and total satisfaction in the job we perform. We’re also incredibly flexible when it comes to scheduling, so you can feel free to call our 24/7 hotline and set up an appointment whenever it’s convenient to you. Our safety protocols and training are top-notch so you’ll always get the best services from our professionals. We are proud to offer furnace services in Waterloo and beyond, and we look forward to serving you in the near future!

Boiler Installation and Replacement

When it comes to boiler installation and replacement, things need to be done by the book. At least with geothermal installation or heat pump installation, you’re still heating the air in your home. Boilers are radiant heaters, which means they use water as a medium to transfer heat through objects, similar to how the sun heats the earth on a warm Spring day.

Radiant heaters often feel more comfortable than forced-air ones. If you enjoy the thought of a powerful boiler heating your Waterloo, IA home, then call us today. We pride ourselves on 100% satisfaction with every boiler installation or replacement job and we’re certain that we can provide the same level of service for you. Call us to learn more about our boiler services

Ductless Heating Installation and Replacement

Ductless heating systems can be a wonderful alternative to homeowners that have struggled with their HVAC systems. Furnaces, boilers, and standard heat pumps aren’t for everyone, and a ductless mini split gives you the flexibility to toss your aging ductwork aside and start fresh.

When you sign up with our team for ductless heating services in Waterloo, IA, you get access to some of the best professionals in the area. We’re friendly, knowledgeable, and our work ethic goes above and beyond what’s necessary. Don’t hesitate to call us and ask about our ductless heating models and explore our flexible financing options.