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Bathroom remodeling services in Cedar Rapids

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Looking to add value to your Cedar Rapids, IA home? Whether you’re in the Bowman Woods neighborhood or down in Bever Park, you can call today and find out about our industry-leading bathroom remodeling services today! Use these online sales and coupons for your service needs.

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The seamless way that water flows out of the showerhead and into the tub drain deceives many people into thinking that shower remodeling is a simple process. In fact, shower walls and tubs actually hide all the intricate piping and connections in the wall, making the job much more complex. We work hard to help our customers understand their bathroom plumbing needs and what it takes to update a space.

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What are the benefits of remodeling your bathroom?

When you decide to remodel plumbing, you have a chance to fix any mistakes the previous contractor or architect made. For example, you can streamline a 90–degree angle pipe with a diagonal style to keep water flowing steadily.

One of the main benefits to plumbing remodeling is an updated look. Shower heads, faucets and even drains can be replaced with modern hardware that still looks spotless after years of use. Improvement are a selling feature at an open house. Mention that the wall plumbing was redone, along with all the fixtures. Savvy buyers will know that new plumbing will last for decades, saving them money over time. Bids are often larger than expected to secure the home permanently.

What issues should be considered?

You need to consider that all plumbing issues need to be addressed during the remodel instead of putting them off for another time. Unlike a sink pipe, shower plumbing is not easily accessible. You need to take advantage of the remodel to replace or repair the wall piping before the contractor goes any further.

Consider replacing all old piping, such as cast iron materials. The pipes may look good right now, but they can fail in the next few years, requiring a complete shower tear–down. All fixtures, faucets and washers should be evaluated for repair or replacement too. A nightmare scenario would be if the piping leaked after sealing the wall tiles into place, forcing you to pay extra for wall removal, repair and new remodeling.

Why are professional services necessary?

Shower and tub applications are highly complex. There may be dozens of piping welds that need remodeling, requiring a professional’s expertise with a torch or welding machine. It’s actually dangerous to weld or torch without professional guidance.

Experts streamline the project, we can bring in several workers to complete the work in days or weeks, depending on your needs. From plastic to galvanized metal, there is a material that’s perfect for your home and region. Overall, you want remodeled plumbing that lasts another decade or more. Professional services guarantees their work under limited warranty, allowing homeowners to arrange for another service call if there’s an issue with the installation.

If you are looking for professional plumbing services, contact us today. Our expert technicians will be able to solve your sewer line problems and perform routine maintenance checks.