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2024 Tips for an Unpredictable Spring

If we’ve learned anything about the last few years of weather conditions, it’s that things are becoming a lot more unpredictable. Some parts of the country have experienced record droughts while others have had flooding that hadn’t been seen for a hundred years. This is just par for the course now, and many of our customers are trying to figure out what they should do.

We’re happy to help customers prepare for a particularly unpredictable spring, and that includes tips on best practices, services we offer, and even new systems that could make a big difference. We just urge our customers to not neglect their HVAC systems in Cedar Rapids, IA, and to make sure that no matter how they prepare for the months ahead, they stay calm and collected.

When in doubt, just remember that we’re always available to help when you need it!

Free Tips That Make a Difference

First of all, there are plenty of things that customers can do right now that would make a major difference in how their home comfort will be. Even with major temperature swings, a heating or cooling system that’s been taken care of by a homeowner will be able to handle the job without many problems.

Here are some things that can make a difference right now.

  1. Change the air filter. Just a simple change of your system’s air filter will allow for contaminants to be removed and fresh air to be the only thing that flows through it. This improves efficiency, keeps things clean and running smoothly, and will ultimately improve your air quality when allergens become unbearable.
  2. Do some spring cleaning! Spring is a time to open up those windows and start clearing out the dust from the corners of your rooms. This will improve your home’s air quality and make sure that your air stays fresh, clear, and easy to keep comfortable.
  3. Inspect your HVAC system for issues. Take a walk around your house and look for problems. These problems could be anywhere, from a leak in your air ducts to a strange noise coming from your air conditioner that you just turned on for the first time this season. These can signal that you need professional repairs, and the earlier you detect these issues, the better.

Think About Other Systems That Can Help

Springtime can be unpredictable in other ways than just the temperature. Spring is also allergy season, and it’s when our homes can be inundated with pollen and wildfire smoke that can cause serious issues for our respiratory systems.

Thankfully, an air filtration system or air cleaner will do the trick in most cases, and our team can set you up with one. Or, perhaps you’d like to protect your home from biological contaminants like mold with a UV air purifier upgrade.

These kinds of systems can make a big difference and they’re worth thinking about.

Maintenance, Repairs, and More

We’ve already discussed HVAC maintenance on this blog, but it goes hand in hand with repairs and the other services we offer. Every home is going to deal with different issues, and we want to remind our customers that our team can help with all of them. If you detect something wrong with your HVAC system or you think it’s time for an upgrade, you can schedule an appointment by clicking the link below.

At Dalton Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, Electric and Fireplaces, Inc., your comfort is our promise! To set up an appointment in the Cedar Rapids area, give us a call at the number above, email or schedule an appointment online. 

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