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Air Filtration and Air Purifiers in Cedar Rapids, IA

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If you’ve been trekking out on Mount Trashmore Overlook Trail on a spring day, you could expect some allergy symptoms to pop up. But you shouldn’t find yourself constantly sneezing and coughing in your Cedar Rapids area home! You might need a high quality air filter or air purification system that’s installed by the experts at Dalton Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, Electric and Fireplaces, Inc..

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Our team is a trusted name in households all across Cedar Rapids, IA, from Bowman Woods to Bever Park, for a good reason—we always get the job done right.

Contact us to learn more about air filtration and purification services. Your Comfort Is Our Promise!


Electronic air filters are very effective

The benefits of electronic air filters over other types of air filtration come in their thoroughness. Regular air filters are certainly an option, but even the most expensive can still let small particles slip through. Electronic air filters, on the other hand, use ionization to capture any particle, no matter how small. That ensures thorough protection for your Cedar Rapids, IA family, especially homes with newborns, the elderly or other family members vulnerable to dust.

Every home is unique and your air filtration needs may vary significantly from those of other households. That’s why our trained team is informed and able to offer recommendations, as well as performing installation and repair services as needed.

We recommend Lennox pure air filters

There are a number of different air filtration systems available, and most of them do a reliable job. If you’re looking for something that does more than "alright," we stand by Lennox PureAir filters, which provide a comprehensive air filtration function for your entire home. Instead of basing the filter in one location, it covers the entire home comprehensively (some filters deal with dust or germs or chemicals, PureAir filters deftly handle all three).

Our trained team is standing by to install PureAir filters in your home, and will be ready for timely maintenance and repair services when you require them. Trust us and Lennox PureAir to keep your household atmosphere clean!

MERV 16 filters are the way to go

The efficiency of air cleaners, no matter what the type, is measured in MERV ratings (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value). The higher the rating, the smaller the particles get strained and the more effectively the filter keeps the air clean. Ideally, the filters should have a MERV rating of 10 or higher. PureAir systems go as high as 16 when it comes to MERV ratings.

Because filters are so important to maintaining clean air in your home, and because trained experts know their way around your options, it always pays to have one of our trained technicians performing installation, maintenance and repair services for your air filters. Call us today to learn more.