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The Problems With DIY AC Work

Air conditioners are complex systems, built with many different components. In order to provide support, like diagnosis, repair, and maintenance, someone would need the proper training and HVAC licensure to work confidently. This is why our team exists, and why our repair and maintenance services are vital.

But times are tough, and many people are resorting to DIY work for a variety of different things at home. This is fine, until customers bite off more than they can chew and they start doing damage, either to themselves, their homes, or their air conditioning units. We’d argue that investing in professional AC maintenance in Cedar Rapids is a far better use of money than purchasing equipment to dive into DIY work.

Let’s talk about why DIY AC work might be a very bad idea.

Maintenance Is Vital

Look, we’re not going to tell our customers that they should instead neglect their air conditioner as opposed to providing DIY maintenance. The proper thing to do would be to schedule professional maintenance.

Maintenance is vital because it gives a technician an opportunity to inspect, adjust, and clean your air conditioning system.

The inspection helps to detect any problems that might be getting worse, giving you ample time to prepare for a repair or save money for a new component replacement.

Adjustments make your home more comfortable and your thermostat more responsive, allowing your air conditioner to do a better job.

And the cleaning is just icing on the cake–it lets your air conditioner run efficiently and optimally while lasting as long as possible. All of this work can be done in one visit by a pro, and it’s important if you’re trying to maximize value.

Where DIY Maintenance Goes Wrong

For any of our enthusiastic customers, this might seem like an easy job to do on your own. Especially if you’ve got your smartphone set up with a tutorial you found on DIY AC maintenance, you might feel inclined to try this work on your own. But believe us when we say that DIY maintenance can be a bad idea.

First of all, you could seriously injure yourself. Air conditioners use a lot of electricity, so you could shock yourself and even start a fire if you’re not putting safety first.

Second, your air conditioner is very complex and it could end up being injured by your untrained hand. We have a phrase for this in the industry, “doing more harm than good.” Unfortunately, this is realistic in a lot of cases where customers try to fix or clean a component on their own.

And lastly, you might not even get the job done. Without training and a license, you’re pretty much on your own. This can lead to you thinking your AC has been well maintained, when it really hasn’t.

It’s Time to Go Pro

Look, HVAC maintenance can seem like an additional expense that’s not required, but this is not the truth. Maintenance is a requirement for your air conditioner, and it’s going to be worth every penny as long as you hire a team you can trust to get the job done.

At Dalton Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, Electric and Fireplaces, Inc., your comfort is our promise! To set up an appointment in the Cedar Rapids area, give us a call at the number above, email or schedule an appointment online. 

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