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This Winter, Watch Out for These Common Boiler Problems

Boilers have been a leading choice in home heating systems for a number of decades. This is because they are highly reliable and efficient so long as they are well maintained. They provide efficient and even heating throughout homes without air quality concerns that you may see with a furnace.

Additionally, since a boiler has few moving parts, it doesn’t age as quickly as other types of heating systems might. As a result, they usually last for many years with only a few repair needs throughout that time. However, it’s imperative that you keep in mind—just like any other heater, boilers are not invulnerable. You may encounter a boiler problem at some time or another. But what could these problems be?


If the underground pipes beneath your home develop breaks and leaks, then sediment is able to enter the water tank of your boiler. When this sediment is allowed to build up, then the water volume in your tank is diminished. This makes the water overheat, and creates a dangerous amount of water pressure—so much so that serious leaks can occur. Scheduling regular maintenance is the best way to prevent this issue.


Any time that metal comes in contact with water, rust and corrosion can occur. Corrosion is a chemical reaction which significantly impacts the integrity of metal. Your boiler’s water tank is no exception. While the anode rod at the top of your tank helps reduce the likelihood of corrosion, if it’s rusted through then it can no longer protect your boiler. Addressing corrosion right away allows our technicians to more effectively resolve the situation.

Failed Pilot Light

One of the most common calls we get about boiler repairs is in regards to a failed pilot light. If your pilot light fails to start, it could be indicative of too much grime that has developed on the burner. This restricts the oxygen that is needed for the pilot light to ignite, and prevents the burners from turning on. Another possible problem is a gas line issue. No matter the cause, it’s imperative that you have a trained professional check it out.

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