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Signs You Need Heating Repairs

gas-furnace-systemGiven the time of year, we hope you aren’t sitting around worrying that your heater could break down at any moment due to some troubling symptoms. If so, please give us a call right away for professional Waterloo heating services! Tackling repair needs when they are still small is vital to preventing larger emergencies down the line.

The sooner you repair your system, the sooner you’ll have lower bills, too, as you will improve your system’s efficiency. Keep reading to learn about the signs you may have a heater that is in need of repair:

There Are Strange Noises Coming from the Cabinet or Vents

What makes it hard for most homeowners to detect heating system problems is that it can be easy to ignore problems that aren’t directly impacting your comfort. So, something like a strange noise from the cabinet of a furnace might be something that’s not particularly bothersome to you, especially when you don’t hang out right by your furnace all day.

However, any odd noise can be the sign of a problem. For instance, a buzzing sound can indicate something electrical going on, and a screech may indicate a worn out belt that could break at any moment. A popping or banging sound coming from a gas-powered heater can indicate a dangerous situation, so this should definitely not be neglected!

You’re Paying Too Much on Heating

We don’t mean subjectively speaking… we mean you’ve noticed that your heating bills are either much higher than they were last year or they’re higher than what your neighbors are paying, despite comparable use. It’s a sign that your heater simply isn’t working as efficiently as it should be. This could be the sign of old age, but if you have a relatively newer heater, it’s a sign you need a repair.

You Can’t Seem to Get Your Thermostat High Enough

Does it seem like no matter how high you turn up your thermostat, it’s still not warm enough? This is definitely a problem. Chances are, the problem has nothing to do with the thermostat itself and you’re looking at a functionality problem with your heater or even your ductwork. You’ll never know until you have a trained professional come take a look.

You Notice Your Heater Working in Brief, Sporadic Cycles

This is called short-cycling, and can happen for a number of reasons. It should never be ignored though, as it wears down your heating system much faster than natural wear and tear would get to it. If you let it go on too long, you could find yourself facing heating replacement needs years before you thought you would have to.

Your Pilot Light Is Yellow

Do you have a gas-powered furnace? A pilot light that isn’t burning yellow is indicative of a furnace that’s not operating as safely as it should. The light at the burner should be blue, otherwise there may be substances present on the burners that are interfering with operation and safety—like rust. Be sure to shut off your heater right away if you notice this symptom, and give our team a call.

At Dalton Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, Electric and Fireplaces, Inc., your comfort is our promise! To set up an appointment, give us a call at the number above, email or schedule an appointment online.

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