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Late Season Heating Repair Signs You Should Not Neglect

late-season-heating-repairsAlthough it’s warmed up considerably since last week, we are still experiencing considerably cold temperatures compared to other parts of the country—like the West Coast! As such, you’re likely still using your heating system on a fairly consistent basis.

And if an Evansdale, IA heating repair need crops up, no need to worry right? After all, spring is officially here this week and soon enough we’ll be turning off our heaters for the season. Unfortunately though, neglecting repair needs can be detrimental to your heating system—no matter how late in the heating season it may be.

What Are the Signs?

Of course, in order to schedule heating repairs, you need to know when heating repairs are necessary. If you notice any of the following troubling symptoms, then it’s definitely time to give our professionals a call.

  • Your heater is making groaning, banging, or whining noises.
  • The heat simply isn’t coming through, despite turning the thermostat up.
  • Your energy bills are higher than normal, despite comparable use to last year.
  • Your gas-powered furnace’s pilot light is burning yellow.
  • Your furnace is struggling to turn on or stay on.
  • Your furnace keeps running without shutting off.

What Causes These Symptoms?

There are a number of reasons that your heater may be displaying the symptoms mentioned above. The problem could be with your thermostat, and not actually the heater itself, for example. This is one repair that should definitely not wait until next year or even a couple months, as it’s likely that you’re using the same thermostat for heating and cooling your home—so you need it year round!

Other potential heating repair needs are caused by leaky ductwork, clogged air filters, or an electrical fault in the heater’s mechanical system. Ignoring these problems can cause them to become worse. It’s best to tackle heater troubles as soon as they crop up to avoid a bigger, costlier heating emergency later on down the line.

Preventing Heater Repair Needs

Not every repair can be prevented. However, you can certainly reduce your risk by scheduling heating system maintenance at least once a year (twice, if you have a heat pump). During maintenance, our professionals will fully inspect and clean your system, making necessary adjustments to the system as needed.

This service ensures that your system continues to work as effectively and efficiently as it should, for as long as it should. It’s also at this time that we’ll alert you to any small problems. Addressing them right away will help you avoid a larger and costlier emergency later on down the line.

The cleaning portion of your maintenance appointment is vital as well—over time dust and debris settles on the coils and other components of your heater, causing it to work less efficiently. This is why annual or bi-annual maintenance is so essential. Overall, it helps you avoid future problems, or at least reduces how severe those problems are.

Your comfort is our promise! Contact Dalton Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, Inc. for superior heating services, including professional maintenance.

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