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Watch Out for Garbage Disposal Problems This Holiday Season

The holidays have arrived here in Cedar Fall, IA, and that means your kitchen sink is going to be seeing a lot more use. Holiday meals for visiting family members, cookies and other delicious treats from the oven, even the odd turkey sandwich put together from leftovers: Christmas and the holidays mean food, and with that food comes increased use of your kitchen sink and garbage disposal. You don’t want yours experiencing any kind of a problem during the holidays, which is why we strongly recommend  you keep an eye on your garbage disposal for problems this holiday season. It lets you get a jump on the issue before interfering with a big meal or a visit from your gusts. Here’s a quick rundown of common signs of garbage disposal problems.


A leak usually means a significant problem with the garbage disposal, though it some cases it might just be a faulty fitting or loose pipe connection. Either way, you can usually spot it fairly readily by noticing puddles of water underneath your sink. When you notice them, shut off the system and call a plumber.


Clogs are fairly obvious issues, as when you turn on your garbage disposal and the water fails to go down in your sink. A clog might also lie further down your pipes, but a trained plumber can get to the bottom of the issue quickly. You can avoid clogs by refraining from pouring certain foods down the sink, such a fibrous vegetables which can get tangled in your garbage disposal, and hot grease or oil which can solidify in the system and create a clog. Also, it’s important that you run the water anytime you use the garbage disposal to help prevent ground-up food from clogging the pipes.

Call the pros at Dalton PHC to repair any problems with your garbage disposal.

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