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Should You Invest in a Water Softener?

There are a number of different plumbing problems you may have to deal with during the time of homeownership. One issue that is fairly common is the problem of hard water. Fortunately, hard water is not necessarily unhealthy, although it certainly lowers quality of life.

Hard water has a higher-than-average mineral content—minerals like calcium and magnesium—that your body can absorb safely. Your plumbing system however, not so much. A whole-house water softener eliminates the problems caused by hard water, but without knowing what these problems are you likely wonder if it’s really worth the investment. Keep reading to learn more about how these systems help your home.

Clean Drinking Water

As stated above, hard water is not necessarily unhealthy. It can, however, taste odd. Have you ever noticed a metallic taste when drinking water out of the tap? This is caused by hard water. To test whether or not your drinking water is impacted, fill an ice cube tray with half water from your tap and half from bottled water from the store. You’ll notice your tap water is much cloudier.

Refreshing Showers

A water softener will help in removing the crusty white build-up that shows up on your faucets and showerheads. More than that though, it will make your showers more pleasant. Hard water has a tendency to make your hair feel slimy and your skin feel dry after a shower. A water softener resolves this.

Better Laundry Experience

Hard water can have a pretty big impact on your laundry. This is because it causes your clothing to wear out faster than it should. Bright colors will fade if exposed to load after load of hard water. A water softener helps your clothes stay bright and last for the years to come.

To schedule your Evansdale, IA water softener installation, reach out to Dalton Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, Inc. today.

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