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Water Softener Services in Waterloo, IA

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Hard water can often lead to skin irritation, soap stains on your dishes, and problems with your laundry machine being able to dissolve detergent. Don’t worry, it’s not a personal health concern but it’s going to wear down your plumbing appliances unless you invest in a water softener. Call our team for help.

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Our water softener systems are designed to draw out the minerals in your water and provide your Waterloo, IA home with fresh, clean, filtered water.

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What are the benefits of having a water softener?

Many homes in our area have hard water. This untreated water is not great for showering, cleaning, cooking, or drinking. If you are showering or cleaning with hard water, you cannot easily create a rich lather; this means more soap must be used. A water softener, on the other hand, will improve your cleaning tasks while helping to reduce the amount of soap you will need to use.

Hard water also affects your plumbing pipes, leaving scale behind; this can lead to clogging. A water softener can solve this problem. The softening system extracts magnesium and hard calcium from hard water. When these items are removed, you’ll notice less scale or mineral buildup in your fixtures and pipes.

A water softener also helps your appliances and fixtures run more efficiently. With the abrasive minerals no longer a problem, your appliances are less likely to corrode and will not have to work harder to operate at normal levels, saving you energy in the long run. 

Is installing one right for you?

Do your dishes have soap scum or spots left behind after washing? Is your hair brittle, or your skin dry even after taking a shower? You may need to consider installing a water softener.

We understand what it’s like to dread chores, but we don’t want you to dread washing or cleaning because of hard water issues. Let us help you solve this problem today.

Be on your way to better tasting water, brighter clothes, and softer skin and hair. Salt delivery is included with our Complete Home Comfort Membership Plan so give us a call today to install your new water softener system!