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What should I do during a plumbing emergency?

Handling a Plumbing Emergency

Seeing an overflow of water can cause anyone to go into a panic, but it’s important to stay calm. Plumbing emergencies can cause much damage to your home. In order to decrease the amount of damage, follow the tips below and remember to keep your composure.

Seeing a lot of unexplained water in your home is a sure way to identify that a plumbing emergency has occurred. The cause of such an emergency could be burst pipes, overflowing toilets, broken water heater, or a defective faucet. Once you realize that you have a plumbing emergency it is important to shut the water supply off. This can be done two ways. If you know the cause of your plumbing emergency then you can shut off the water to that particular faucet or appliance. If you are unaware of where the water is coming from then you may choose to shut off the main water valve. Remember that if you choose to turn of the main valve, this will shut off all water in the home. The main valve is usually located outside of your home or in your basement.

Once you have shut the water off it is now time to contain the water. Towels, buckets, blankets and other materials can be used to soak up or scoop out the collected water. This step is important because it can prevent your home from being exposed to water damage. If your toilet overflowing was the cause of your emergency then this step can help to remove toxins and bacteria.

Now that your plumbing emergency has been contained it is now time to contact a plumber. A plumber will be able to fix your current situation while accessing your home to identify any areas in your plumbing system that may be weak. Allowing the plumber to access your plumbing system is an important step because it can help to prevent any additional plumbing emergencies from occurring in the future.

Remember that staying calm and adhering to these steps can decrease the amount of damage that is caused to your home.

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