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Lower the Amount of Dust in Your Home

Here in Cedar Falls, IA, we pay a great deal of attention to keeping our homes warm in the winter, as is only proper in a town as cold as ours can get. But it’s not the only factor in determining your household comfort levels. High amounts of dust can circulate through the air, leading to irritation of the nose and throat as well as increased chances of illnesses and increased effort to keep your house clean. Dust becomes an even bigger issue in the winter because we close our homes up tight to keep the heat in, which means the dust just keeps circling in your home until it’s removed. And if you have an infant in your home or someone suffering from asthma, the health issues can be serious indeed. Luckily, you can lower the amount of dust in your home with help from a qualified technician.

Duct Cleaning

A great deal of dust and dirt can collect in your duct system, where it sits until you turn on your furnace or air conditioning system, at which point the dust will quickly spread through your home. Unless it’s cleaned up, it will just keep circling and the problem will get worse and worse. A timely duct cleaning session from a qualified technician can remove the dirt entirely and help your family quietly literally breathe easier.

Maintenance Sessions

Your heater can accumulate a great deal of dust on its own, and while air filters in your system will help strain it out, they need to be replaced fairly regularly or else filter will lose its effectively. Schedule a maintenance session once or twice a year to have your heating system checked and cleaned. You’d be surprised how much difference it will make.

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