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How Does a Sump Pump Help My Home?

Sump pumps are designed to help protect your home against the dangers of flood waters, which can be quite severe here in Cedar Falls, IA. It’s not 100% necessary, at least not the same way a water heater might be, and homeowners would be perfectly justified in asking whether or not they really need one installed in their homes. Like any form of insurance, it’s optional, though you are definitely taking a chance if you choose not to have one installed. It might help to understand exactly how a sump pump helps your home, and what benefits it brings that justifies the cost of installation.

How It Works

Most popular forms of sump pump are placed inside a pit dug at the lowest point of your home, where the water gathers during a flood. (In some cases, the technician will install runoff trenches in your basement to ensure that the water reaches the pit. Once it does, an impeller pulls the water into the pump and centrifugal force pulls it up and out of the home through a pipe to an appropriate spot outside the home.

Why That’s Beneficial

The most obvious benefit of a sump pump is preventing your home from getting flooded: keeping waters contained and saving you a big headache once the rains subside. Besides getting rid of the water itself, it also helps prevent damage to drywall, furnishings, electrical and plumbing systems, and various other aspects of your home that could be catastrophically damaged by flooding. Sump pumps also help improve the resale value of your homes, and might also help lower your insurance rates, at least as far as they apply to flood damage.

If you think a sump pump might be beneficial to your home, or you have an existing one that needs maintenance or repair, give the folks at Dalton Plumbing, Heating and Cooling, Inc. a call today!

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