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Beat the Summer Heat this Year

10 Simple Ways to Prepare Your Home for the Summer Heat

Waterloo AirAs the warm weather of summer approaches, there are many things you can do to keep the home cooler and cut down on excessive utility costs. Here are ten simple ways to prepare your home for the summer heat.

1. Dark Curtains

Invest in some darker curtains, they will help to keep the direct sunlight from penetrating and heating up the interior of each room.

2. Sun Reflecting Blinds

Blinds that reflect the sunlight and keep the rooms dark can help to cool the home and reduce your air conditioning cots. These blinds can reduce the sunlight entering rooms with direct sunlight exposure.

3. HVAC Tune UP

Call your local HVAC repair company and schedule an inspection and maintenance immediately. Your cooling system will be running much harder, and if it is tuned up, will run more effectively this summer.

4. Replace Cooling Air Filter

Run down to the hardware store and purchase a few HVAC air filters, and replace one immediately. The cleaner the filer, the easier for the system to operate this summer.

5. Cleaning Near the Foundation

Remove any weeds, shrubbery, or plants growing too close to the house foundation. These attract a variety of insects who will then try to find easy access to the home to escape the heat.

6. Seal Exterior Holes

Patch any holes or cracks along the perimeter of your home. Rodents will try to escape other predators and the heat, looking for safe refuge in your garage or attic.

7. Wash the Screens

While the daytime will be hot, many times the evening will be very comfortable. Clean the window screens so that when you do open the windows you are not confronted with nasty filth.

Waterloo Energy Efficiency8. Clean Out the Garage

If your garage is full of clutter from this winter, now is the time to start cleaning so you can get your vehicle out of the heat and inside the cool garage.

9. Patch Any Screens

With the windows open many nights, you want to repair any holes in the screens now so insects are not gaining access to the home each time you open the windows.

10. Cleaning the Outside Fan

During the winter, the outside HVAC fan can accumulate, branches, twigs, and even the occasional rodent nest. Have your local HVAC professional open the unit and carefully clear out any debris.

Don’t let your A/C suck the fun out of summer. Call Dalton Plumbing, Heating, & Cooling at (319) 266-3513 for greener HVAC services in the Waterloo area!

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