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3 Benefits of Water Softeners

Hard water is a recurring problem in most parts of the country, and that includes us here in Cedar Falls, IA. The term refers to water with a high mineral content: usually calcium or magnesium. It’s not directly harmful – you can still drink it – but it causes a number of problems, not the least of which is a distinct metallic taste. A water softening system installed in your home can remove the mineral content of hard water and improve your life in a number of subtle ways. Here are 3 benefits of water softeners that you should consider before making a purchase.

1.     Better Water for Cooking and Drinking

Take a little test: fill an ice cube tray with water from your tap and another one with filtered water from the store. When they freeze, look at the two different sets of cubes. Notice how much clearer the filtered water is? That’s the difference a water softener can make to cooking and drinking water. It will taste fresher and clearer, as well as improving the quality of any meals prepared with it.

2.     Improved Showers and Baths

Hard water can leave your skin feeling red and raw after a shower, decreasing your enjoyment and health. More importantly, it often leaves a crusty white build-up on shower heads which can interrupt the flow of water if left unchecked. A water softener will not only eliminate that build up, but leave your skin feeling softer and cleaner when you’ve finished showering.

3.     Gentler Treatment of Clothes

Hard water can take its toll on your laundry too. Colors will fade after a time and your clothes will wear out more quickly. In the most extreme cases, hard water build-up can cause problems with your washing machine as well. A water softener will leave your clothes looking brighter while helping them last longer to boot.

If you think a water softener would benefit your household, then call the pros at Dalton Plumbing, Heating and Cooling today!

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