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When Did You Last Have AC Repairs Done?

With spring upon us and summer soon on its way, you’ll soon be turning on your air conditioner and have it running for large portions of the day. Right now your AC use is probably pretty minimal, but it could be a good idea to turn it on now and make sure it doesn’t have any obvious problems.

If you do notice issues that are anything short of full system breakdown, you’re likely tempted to wait for repairs until a time you really need your air conditioner to work. However, this could be a mistake since your AC could end up quitting on you when you need it the most. Below we’ve listed a couple reasons you should schedule AC repairs in advance, before you actually need the system.


The leading reason you should schedule air conditioning repairs as soon as you notice a problem is that then you can have the repairs done at a time that works best for you. If you wait too long to have repairs done, then the problem can become worse, until the small problem becomes an emergency and HVAC technicians will have less availability.

During this time of year, temperatures are mild enough that you can schedule repairs a few days out if you need to without sacrificing your indoor comfort. Scheduling repairs now will give you time to prepare and budget, rather than dealing with the stress of an emergency situation.


A faulty component within your air conditioner system can use up a significant amount of energy with each cycle. All the other components within your system will have to work a bit harder to make up for that compromised part. That means that the system uses a lot of energy and is more likely to break down completely. Calling a technician now reduces the chance that you’ll be paying for that extra energy, and limits the possibility of you paying for emergency services.

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