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Your September Maintenance Checklist

We aren’t excited to say goodbye to warm weather, but September is here!  That means it’s time to get your home ready for winter, while the weather still permits. You don’t have to do it all alone; we’re here to help! Below you’ll find our list of must-dos this fall, and all the items that we can help you check off your list.fall home maintenance

1. Check for leaky faucets

Get a jump start on preventing freezing pipes by inspecting for leaks in the fall. You’ll save a large sum of money by repairing leaks now than you would have to shell out if you have a burst pipe in January.

Checking for leaks is something the Dalton team can help you with. In fact, a plumbing inspection is included with our Complete Home Comfort Membership.

2. Inspect your window seals

A drafty window or door can cause stress on your heating system and make all the difference between a warm and cozy home and a chilly one. Make sure there is a tight seal around doors and windows. If you notice some cracks, call the company who installed them to see if they are still under warranty. If not, consider caulking the seals or having a professional window company do it for you.

3. Change your air filters and tune-up your furnace

Dirty air filters lower the air quality in your home and raise your heating costs. Additionally, an inefficient furnace will cause issues in your home and expensive utility bills all season long. Prevent your mid-season headache of fixing a broken-down furnace and tune it up now.

You can use your yearly furnace inspection that is included with your Complete Home Comfort Membership, or you can take advantage of our pre-season discount. Whatever deal you choose, your Dalton technician will ensure your thermostat is working properly, all electrical connections are tight, and inspect the blower motor and heat exchanger to make sure they are up for the coldest days of winter. Best of all, your family will have clean, indoor air during the holidays.

4. Check your safety devices

With gas-powered heating systems running during the winter, it’s always a good idea to make sure your home’s safety devices are functional and ready to alert your family to an emergency. Also included in your Dalton Complete Home Comfort Membership is an electrical inspection. Our master electrician tests your smoke and CO detectors to make sure they are functioning properly and replaces their batteries as needed. After the inspection, you don’t have to worry about your family’s safety.

5. Prepare to shut down your A/C for winter

We might have a couple warm days left this season, but for the most part, days of summer are past. Now, it’s time to shut your cooling system down for winter. Consider having your air conditioner tuned-up and cleared for debris, so you can enjoy it first thing in spring. Additionally, make sure to remove, clean, and store your window air conditioners for winter.

fireplace services6. Clean and maintain your fireplace

Every fall, we recommend a good chimney sweep and inspection before firing up your unit. Built-up soot increases the risk of a chimney fire and could affect the air quality in your home. Your best option is to have your annual fireplace inspection with your Complete Home Comfort Membership. Our technicians will make sure your unit clean, safe, and ready for winter.

For help with any item on your checklist, call Dalton today! We can send over our technicians to make sure your home is ready for winter before the cold strikes.


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