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5 Signs You Need Central AC Repair

A central air conditioner is a great investment for your home, but it’s not going to run the full extent of its lifespan without a few hiccups.

Any appliance is going to have components break down due to wear and tear, so it’s only natural that you’ll need to invest in central air conditioning repair in Cedar Rapids, IA. But detecting those problems is a whole ordeal itself.

So, let’s cut right to the chase. We’ll help you locate and diagnose a problem if you call us to have it fixed. Do we have a deal? This ensures that you stay in total control of your air conditioning system and budget, and you get licensed professionals to handle the difficult part of the repair. Only a pro has the tools and expertise to fix these kinds of problems.

If any of these signs sound familiar, then you should get our team to fix them before the summer arrives.

The System Is Leaking Refrigerant

An air conditioner relies on refrigerant in order to cool the space inside your home. This refrigerant constantly evaporates and condenses, drawing heat in and dispersing it outside where the heat can dissipate in the atmosphere. Without proper amounts of refrigerant, the system just won’t work properly.

So, if you’re detecting a “hissing” or “bubbling” sound, or you’re detecting poor output from the system, it might have a refrigerant leak that needs to be repaired.

Your AC Is Short Cycling

How long does a cycle from your air conditioner take? Is it only a few minutes before it abruptly shuts down? Then your system might be short cycling which is never a good sign.

This is a problem and a symptom of other problems at the same time. For instance, it could be happening due to a clogged air filter, leaking refrigerant, or a botched installation. Only a licensed professional will be able to figure that out and fix it appropriately.

It Doesn’t Keep Your House Cool

Simply put, if your air conditioner doesn’t keep your home cool, then something is wrong. There could be numerous reasons for this, but we want customers to know that this is definitely a problem that requires professional repair.

It’s Dripping Or Leaking

A dripping or leaking air conditioner can usually be a sign that it’s dealing with too much humidity or that the condensate drain is clogged or broken. This is an essential component that needs to be in good shape for the system to function appropriately, so be sure to contact our team for repairs to set it right.

It Smells Bad

If your air conditioner smells bad then something is wrong. If it’s a burning smell, or the scent of burnt rubber, then there might be an issue with one of the components being worn down, like the motor in the blower system.

However, if the scent is akin to a “dirty sock smell” then you’ve likely got a problem of mold growth in your air conditioner. This can occur in the condensate drain or pan when it gets clogged up. We can easily clean it out and fix the problem when you call us.

At Dalton Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, Electric and Fireplaces, Inc., your comfort is our promise! To set up an appointment in the Cedar Rapids area, give us a call at the number above, email or schedule an appointment online. 

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