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Can Heat Pumps Work for the Winter?

We get a lot of questions when it comes to comparing heat pumps to furnaces or boilers. Our winters can get absolutely frigid, so it’s important to know if the heating system you intend on buying will actually handle the temperature changes or not.

Furnaces can always handle those temperature dips, and even when your house is cased in a thick layer of snow, you can count on a gas furnace to keep you warm without too much trouble. But a heat pump? How can you say the same thing for a heat pump in Cedar Rapids, IA?

Well, the truth might actually surprise you. Furnaces are getting some stiff competition from heat pump systems and ductless units, so we’d like to start off by saying that–yes, heat pumps can work throughout the whole winter. And the results of this kind of system might surprise you.

Conventional Heating Vs. Heat Pumps

There’s one major difference between conventional heating methods like furnaces and heat pumps. That difference is simple: conventional systems like furnaces create heat from burning gas or using electricity, while a heat pump moves heat from one location to another. This is part of what makes a heat pump so energy efficient and such an eco-friendly choice for many homeowners.

It might seem like based on the cost per month, that a furnace is more efficient than a heat pump, but that’s not entirely true. The process of moving heat from one place to another is actually 300% more efficient in most cases than creating heat by burning gas. The difference comes in the cost of gas, which is a lot cheaper than electricity at this point in time.

So, while a heat pump can run more efficiently on the coldest nights of the winter, you might still end up paying more due to higher energy costs.

The Choice in Front of You

If your main priorities are purely about cost, then you’ve got a pretty clear choice ahead of you. A gas or electric furnace will not only cost less to install, but it will also usually cost less to operate per month.

However, this system will only work during the winter and it’s pretty useless during the summer. A heat pump can work every single month of the year and basically functions as both a heating system and a cooling unit. You can get both with a higher investment cost if that’s what you’re looking for!

Tips for the Future

Since heat pumps are both extremely efficient and only reliant on electricity, this gives you some room to prepare for the future. If you’ve ever wondered about adding solar panels to your home, a heat pump gives you a great reason to do so. You could essentially use solar energy (which is completely free) to run your heating system on the coldest day of the year, and even use it for air conditioning on the hottest months. Sounds futuristic, right?

Don’t hesitate to call us and explore your options.

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