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A Big Change From Such a Small System

Thermostats are a lot like our smartphones or laptops. They’re easily one of the smallest appliances in our home, but sometimes they’re so important to our day-to-day functions that you might not be able to imagine your life without them. This is just how life goes in the 21st century and it’s pretty common.

However, the amount of people who use old analog thermostats or even digital thermostats from the turn of the millennia is a little alarming. These devices, just like computers and phones made during the same age, just don’t have the capabilities of temperature control and efficiency measuring that newer thermostats have.

So, we think it’s time to talk about smart thermostats in Cedar Rapids, IA, and why your home could benefit from such a significant upgrade. Just make sure you call a team of qualified professionals to have this upgrade performed in your home.

5 Improvements With a Smart or Wi-Fi-Enabled Thermostat

Here are 5 foolproof ways to benefit from a smart or Wi-Fi-enabled thermostat. As long as the system is set up and calibrated by a professional, you’re likely to enjoy these benefits wholeheartedly.

  • Better system efficiency. An HVAC system is going to run more efficiently with a newer smart thermostat system. This is due to the fact that the thermostat is in control of when the heating or cooling system turns on or off, and smart systems have a way of signaling it faster and more effectively than old, analog units. Also, with more precise measurement tools, smart thermostats will have a better handle on how to run them throughout the day.
  • Improved HVAC performance. You’ll likely feel the difference after a smart or Wi-Fi-enabled thermostat upgrade due to the fact that your HVAC system will perform a lot better and will get treated air to your home’s rooms faster.
  • Convenience. It’s just more convenient to work with a thermostat that knows your comfort preferences or to control it with your smartphone from your bed on a lazy Sunday.
  • Faster temperature changes. Have you ever wanted to turn your HVAC system up a few degrees while waiting on the bus coming home from work? Or perhaps your flight is running late and you’d like to make a change before you get to the house? A Wi-Fi thermostat can be activated from your smartphone to allow for fast changes to take place.
  • Planning for the future. A smart thermostat will give you breakdowns of how much energy your HVAC system uses while you translate that to how much money you pay your utility company each month. By working together with your thermostat, you can figure out some methods to cut that cost down and increase your home’s savings. For instance, a thermostat might tell you that lowering the temperature by just a couple of degrees at night during the winter could help save money each month on your utility bill without you noticing the change!

At Dalton Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, Electric and Fireplaces, Inc., your comfort is our promise! To set up an appointment in the Cedar Rapids area, give us a call at the number above, email or schedule an appointment online. 

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