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Will Your Heater Make It Through the Rest of Winter?

woman-in-parka-huddled-on-couch-drinking-of-of-mugWintertime temps are still here for a while—in fact if you believe in Groundhog Day predictions, it’s here for about four more weeks, at least! This means your heating system has some time before you shut if off for the season. So if you have repair needs, you should definitely take care of them sooner rather than later.

We understand how tempting it is to put off end-of-season heating repair needs. After all, can’t you just wait until you need the system again next fall?

You could, but if it’s a problem also impacting your air conditioner, you’ll find yourself in trouble later this spring. And if it’s a big enough problem, you might have a completely broken down heater by the time you go to turn it on next fall.

But how do you know you even have heater repair needs? Read on as we uncover some of the most common warning signs, and if you discover any of them, give us a call.

Strange Noises

If you use a furnace to heat your home, you’re going to hear some noise come from it, for sure. The whoosh of the air coming through the vents, the light rattle of the ductwork as it shifts when the temperature inside it changes.

These are normal sounds, but if you hear anything abnormal, it’s time to give us a call, This can include sudden clanging, grinding, banging, hissing, or even excessive clicking when the furnace cycles off.

Strange Smells

The only time your furnace should ever really emit any smells through the vents is when you turn it on for the first time in the fall. This is because dust is typically burning off of the coils. This smell should dissipate within a few hours, maybe lingering a little bit for a few days.

If it’s near the end of the season though and you are suddenly detecting odors from your vents or from the furnace itself, it’s time to turn off your heater and give us a call. This could be a hazardous problem such as a gas leak or burning electrical wires.

A Lack of Warmth

On a really chilly day, it can be easy to brush off a lack of warmth from your furnace vents as the system struggling to meet the temperature you set on the thermostat. But this isn’t a problem that should just be brushed off! There is always a reason for this, and the best thing you can do for your system and for your household is to call us for an inspection.

These are just a few of the signs that you may have a heater problem. Give us a call if you notice anything suspicious, including higher energy bills than average for this time of the year—it could be a sign that something is causing the heater to work inefficiently.

At Dalton Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, Electric and Fireplaces, Inc., your comfort is our promise! To set up an appointment, give us a call at the number above, email or schedule an appointment online for professional heating repair in Waterloo, IA, and more.

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