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Why Should I Schedule a Maintenance Session for my HVAC System?

We’re approaching the end of the summer here in Cedar Falls, IA, which means that prudent homeowners will begin turning off their air conditioners and turning on their heating systems. This makes an ideal opportunity to schedule a maintenance session for your heater, your air conditioner, or both. Maintenance sessions aren’t strictly repair sessions. They’re more like a tune-up, designed to help keep your system in fighting shape. Why should you schedule a maintenance session for your HVAC system? The answers can be found below.

What’s Involved

First of all, a little bit more on what a maintenance session entails. The technician will arrive and inspect the system for any potential problems. He or she will clean off any dirt, tighten loose bolts and fittings, check for clogged burners or low refrigerant levels, and swap out any filters that may have become clogged with dirt. He or she will also run the system for 15 minutes or so to see if there are any more serious issues. If problems crop up that require more than the session is designed to cover, the technician can schedule a specific repair session in order to address it.

Why Is That Important?

It can be easy to dismiss such a session as unimportant, since it doesn’t address any specific problem. But in fact, the opposite is the case. Maintenance sessions are designed to catch big problems when they’re still relatively small, which lets you handle it before it knocks your system out of commission (and probably for a much lower cost to boot). More importantly, by addressing those little issues needling at your system, the maintenance session helps it run more efficiently, which will lower your monthly bills.

Now is the ideal time to schedule a maintenance session with the professionals at Dalton Plumbing. Call us today!

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