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Is it Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner?

Labor Day has come and gone in Cedar Falls, IA, and while summer may still have a few hot days left in store for us, the colors will be turning before you know it. With the arrival of fall comes cooler weather, and with your air conditioner having done its duty for another year, now makes a perfect time to assess whether it’s ready to be replaced or not. That can be a surprisingly tough question to answer, since each circumstance is unique. But you can answer a few basic details about your existing air conditioner that can help you decide.

How High Are Your Monthly Bills?

When air conditioners get older, the wear and tear of all those years of use starts to take its toll. Regular maintenance can forestall this development, but like everything else, your system is bound to slowly wear down. When it does, it needs increasing amount of energy to do its job, which translates into higher and higher electrical bills. Eventually, the cost of replacing the system and lowering those bills may outweigh the cost of sticking with your old system.

Are Repairs Getting Out of Hand?

Going hand in hand with that is the frequency and level of repairs to your old system. If it seems like you’re calling a repair technician every week to deal with some new problem – or you only have one repair issue, but it costs more than you feel the system is worth – then installing a new air conditioner makes a preferable alternative to throwing good money after bad.

Is the Air Conditioner More than a Decade Old

The age limit of an air conditioner is rather arbitrarily assigned, and with good maintenance yours can last for many years after its warranty has expired. But if you’re experienced the kind of problems discussed above and your system is older than ten years, that might be the quality that demands a replacement unit.

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