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Water Heater Tips for Top Performance

One of the appliances in our homes that is taken for granted the most is that of the water heater. Water heaters make a number of tasks around the home much easier, but we don’t really give much thought to that—until something goes wrong. To ensure that your water heater works effectively and efficiently as it should for as long as possible, check out and follow the tips below.

Schedule Maintenance

Just like any other home comfort appliance in your home, water heaters require maintenance. Make sure that you hire a professional technician to come out once a year to inspect your system, make any necessary adjustments, and alert you to any repair needs. This service will help your water heater last long and also maintain its efficiency throughout its lifespan.

Have the System Flushed

It’s pretty common for sediment to build up in the bottom of your water heater tank over time. This isn’t necessarily a huge problem, but if goes unaddressed for too long a period of time, it can eventually lead to complications. Getting rid of this sediment is a fairly simple process, and just requires you to make a phone call to our professionals so we can come take care of it for you.

To clear the sediment from your water heater, our professionals will drain the tank, while ensuring that all manufacturer recommended procedures are followed. Most of the sediment typically comes out with the water, but once it’s drained we can fully inspect to ensure it’s been cleared out. Having this done once a year will ensure that you don’t run into problems with sediment buildup.

Water Heater Insulation

If you have a standard tank water heater, then it would benefit you to purchase some type of tank insulation or covering that helps keep heat from escaping through the tank walls. This will help keep your energy bills down and save you money in the process.

For more great tips and for water heater services in Janesville, IA, contact Dalton Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, Inc. today!

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