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Time to Get Your Air Conditioner Ready For Spring

It’s still winter here in Cedar Falls, IA and that means our heaters are currently keeping our homes warm and cozy. But the thaw will be here before you know it and soon enough, temperatures will be high enough to demand your air conditioner. Now is the time to prep your air conditioner for regular service. It gives you plenty of flexibility to adjust things according to your schedule, and in case there are any surprises, you have plenty of time to deal with them before you have need of your system. Here’s a few tips to help you out.

Schedule a Maintenance Session

Your air conditioner likely hasn’t seen use in many months, and as such there’s apt to be a lot of dust built up on the interior components. Furthermore, if there’s trouble, it’s apt to get worse when you start using your air conditioner, and can eventually result in a breakdown. Your technician can examine the system for potential repair issues, as well as cleaning the dust, lubricating moving parts, recharging refrigerant and performing all those other little duties that your system needs to get up and running. That way, it’s ready to go the moment you need it, without causing any worry or stress.

Clear Off the Outdoor Unit

The outdoor portion of your air conditioner needs to be clear of debris in a field about two feet in every direction. Over the course of the winter, there’s apt to be leaves, twigs and other detritus gathering around it, and once spring hits, weeds may spring up in the area. All of that can cause problems with your system, so make sure you schedule time to clear it all out as soon as the snow melts.

For more tips on getting your air conditioner ready for spring, call Dalton PHC today!

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