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Preventing Frozen Pipes: 3 Steps to Take Now

The weather may still be on the warmer side around these parts, however fall is officially here, and winter will follow shortly behind. One of the most common problems we contend with during the winter months is burst pipes. This occurs when water freezes and expands inside the pipes, include it ruptures the metal lining.

It’s important that you take steps now to prevent this, while temperatures are still on the warmer side and you have the opportunity to make additions or changes to your current plumbing system to help you out. Keep reading for 3 steps you should take now to avoid this problem.

1. Identify Vulnerable Spots

Are there any pipes running through your home that do so through un-insulated portions, or portions that aren’t typically heated? Be sure to look for pipes that run through an outside wall, where frost and cold spells have a much greater chance of impacting them. Our trained and certified plumbers can perform an inspection of your home and inform you of which spots may need attention.

2. Properly Insulate

Pipe openings into your home don’t always have insulation nearby. Neither do electrical outlets. You can winterize them by filling the holes with acrylic latex caulk or something similar, to keep cold from reaching your pipes. You can also add insulation sleeves and tape to potentially vulnerable pipes, which is a service we can provide for you.

3. Monitor Temperatures

A properly functioning and appropriately used heating system is a great way to prevent frozen pipes. As temperatures decline, be sure to monitor your indoor temperature to make sure it stays above 55 degrees in all areas of your home.

Address any problems with your heating system promptly, and if you leave on vacation be sure to keep your heater on. What you’ll pay for in energy bills will be worth it to avoid a much costlier and more inconvenient plumbing emergency.

Your comfort is our promise. Contact Dalton Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, Inc. today for your Evansdale, IA plumbing services.

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