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Never Attempt Plumbing Repairs Yourself

Here in Cedar Falls, IA, we pride ourselves as being pretty self-sufficient, and homeowners may be accustomed to handling little repairs around the house themselves. With plumbing, however, this can be a big mistake. No matter how small or seeming inconsequential the issue, it always pays to have a professional take care of them problem instead of attempting plumbing repairs yourself. Why? We’ve laid out a few very good reasons below.

Store-Bought Solutions Rarely Work

Most over-the-counter plumbing solutions such as snakes or cleansers adopt a one-size-fits all approach. That means they kind of work for a lot of issues, but don’t completely work for very specific issues. If you use a store-bought solution, you’re likely just kicking the problem down the road a few months, and maybe not even that. Professional plumbers, on the other hand, bring specialized equipment that can deal with the problem properly so it doesn’t repeat itself.

Experience Counts

Even if it’s something as simple as a clog, most homeowners haven’t had to deal with it more than a handful of times in their entire lives. No matter how confidence or hands-on a do-it-yourselfer may be, he or she often runs the risk of just making things worse. Professionals, on the other hand, deal with issues like yours on a regular basis. That means they know exactly what’s going to work in a given situation, and can apply it quickly and effectively to deal with the problem.

Licensing and Insurance

Speaking of which, in the event you attempt a repair yourself and it makes things worse, then you’re on the hook for any additional damages that accrue. In the worst cases, that may even mean injuring yourself. A properly licensed plumber, on the other hand, can offer claims and guarantees that protect you in the event of a disaster.

For plumbing problems of all kinds, trust the pros at Dalton PHC to help!

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