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Is your Geothermal System Ready for Replacement?

Geothermal cooling is one of the most efficient ways to condition your air during the summer. This type of ground-source cooling uses the steady temperature of the earth, which varies only slightly no matter what the surface temperature is. Geothermal systems are remarkable durable, however just like any other type of appliance they wear down over time.

If you do have a geothermal system you use for cooling, then it is important to be aware of the signs that it is in disrepair, or possibly is even ready to be replaced. Keep reading for some common indicators.

Heavy Corrosion Surrounding Heat Exchange Coils

No matter what type of heat pump you have, if there is significant corrosion around its heat exchange coils, then the system more than likely needs replacing. Corrosion is a sign of age, and just like dirt or ice would obstruct the heat exchange process, so will this type of wear and tear.

If your geothermal cooling system is 20+ years old, then this level of corrosion usually means you need to replace it. Another thing to keep in mind is that many older systems still used an older refrigerant blend, R-22. By upgrading your system you’ll be able to use the more environmentally-friendly R-410A.

Consistent Drop in Heating or Cooling Levels

Did you notice that your geothermal heat pump did not provide sufficient heating this winter? As we head into warmer temperatures, if you aren’t receiving adequate cooling either, you could have a problem. If there are no obvious components that need repair, chances are you need a replacement. The best thing you can do at this point is have a professional inspect the system.

Consistent Coil Frosting

You may thing that this is something normal to see when your geothermal heat pump is in cooling mode. Unfortunately, you’d be mistaken. A loss of refrigerant can cause the indoor coils to frost over, which causes even more damage to the entire unit. Damaged refrigerant lines are something that can certainly be repaired. However, if  your system is aging then you should ask yourself if repairs are worth the cost.

For quality geothermal system replacement in Waverly, IA, contact Dalton Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Inc. today. Your comfort is our promise!

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