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How Does UV Water Disinfection Work?

If you think back to high school science class, you can likely recall the basics of UV (or ultraviolet light), which lies beyond our ability to see, but which can affect us nonetheless. In sunlight, it causes our skin to tan or burn. In smaller amounts, such as those present in a UV light bulb, it can interact with the detergent in our laundry to make white clothes glow in the dark. (It’s how you get that effect at amusement parks or rock concerts). But UV light can serve a far more important role than momentary amusement. When applied properly, it can help make the water in your Hudson, IA home a whole lot cleaner and safer. All you need is a UV water disinfection system in your home.

How It Works

The UV light, while safe to humans and pets, is still too powerful for smaller organisms – one-celled organisms like germs and bacteria – to resist. When exposed to the light, it either kills them outright or fuses their DNA, rendering it incapable or reproducing. Either way, that makes it a potent device for keeping your home and water supply clean, provided it fits the needs of your home and is installed properly.

Proper Placement and Function

The best place to install such a device is at the apex of your plumbing system, where it joins the water line bringing water in from the civic system (or your well if you live off of the civic grid). The UV light forms a sheet that all of the water has to pass through before it enters your home. The germs and bacteria have nowhere to escape, leaving your water cleaning, healthier and tastier than any screening filtration system can guarantee.

If you have a UV water filter that needs servicing, or think your home could benefit from the installation of a new one, call Dalton Plumbing, Heating and Cooling today!


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