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Get Informed on Your SEER Rating

What is a SEER Rating?


Cedar Falls HeatingDo You Know What a SEER Rating is on Your AC?

A SEER rating given to an air conditioner is the explanation of how the unit uses fuel in an average year to convert into cooling. The SEER rating is the explanation of the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio.

The Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute rates a SEER based on its 2008 standard AHRI 210/240 performance rating.

SEER is figured by dividing the total energy input, in an average year, of the cooling season into the cooling output.

This Rating Affects Your Energy Consumption.

Your AC consumes almost half of your homes total energy bill. Knowing what SEER ratings are will help you decide what AC unit is best for your utility budget. A lower SEER rating uses more energy. A higher SEER rating uses less energy to operate but will cost more to purchase initially.

You will need to look at the monthly savings in operating cost verses the upfront investment cost to decide what SEER fits your short term or long term needs in your home. If you are staying in the home you will need to see how long it will take to recover your investment cost in savings.

It is Important to Know the SEER Differences and What it Means For You.

Not only does knowing what SEER is when considering a new HVAC unit but investigating the difference in SEER ratings brings you closer to seeing what your best option is. While getting a higher SEER is good for the environment how high to go is tricky.

The minimum SEER allowed to be sold in the U.S. since January 2006 is now 13 SEER. 13 SEER is the minimum but you have to go to a minimum of 14 SEER to Cedar Falls SEER Ratingobtain an energy star rated unit by the guidelines set in 2006.

So if you are hoping to cash in on the tax credits for the new system that is important to know as well.Places with a longer cooling season will obviously benefit from a higher SEER than say places with colder climates.

Now with this knowledge you can make a wise decision when buying a new AC unit. Places with a longer cooling season will obviously benefit from a higher SEER than say places with colder climates.

Go green with energy and money saving HVAC units. Call the experts of Dalton Plumbing, Heating & Cooling at (319) 266-3513 to make your Cedar Falls area home more efficient today.

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