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What Are Some of the Dangers of Chemical Drain Cleaning Solutions?


Cedar Falls PlumberThe most often used solution for clearing drains is a chemical drain cleaner. There are many caveats to using these solutions to clear drains.

The higher end products are caustic and heavily concentrated. They work intermittently and can be damaging to existing pipes.

This is especially true for pipes that are suffering from corrosion or that are made from PVC. Chemical drain cleaners can weaken PVC and cause metal pipes to fail.

Why Do People Buy These Solutions?

People choose these products to clear several types of clogs including hair, human waste, soaps and grease. However, these solutions are not effective on all types of clogs as their advertisements suggest. They do not clear drains in nearly the expedient manner that is suggested also.

Drain cleaner can be problematic to pets that may sneak a drink of toilet bowl water or standing water in sinks. These solutions can kill animals even in low concentrations. In addition, they give off noxious fumes that remain for a long time after the leak has been cleared or the solution is used. These fumes can be harmful to pets and humans. It can be inexpensive to use, but they can easily be used incorrectly and be completely ineffective.

Additionally, the product on the shelves may not clear certain clogs. The most effective method for clearing drains and applying the appropriate fixes are reputable plumbing companies.

Don’t Use Low End Products At All

Using lower end products may not be a good idea. These low end products are ineffective for many reasons. The product is mixed incorrectly or are too diluted to offer an effective clearing of the clog in most cases. Many professional companies offer considerable deals with simple drain clearing.

In addition, they can utilize fixes that use no chemicals at all. These mechanical methods are effective on all types of pipes without fear of damaging the existing pipes. Professional plumbing companies can institute repairs that can cause clogs to occur less frequently.

Mechanical Reasons

Cedar Falls Drain Cleaning ServicesThere may be mechanical reasons that cause clogs to occur more frequently. The issues can be rectified indefinitely by eliminating these problems. A professional is required to assess clogs and determine if they are cause by more severe problems.

This is not possible with chemical drain cleaners. Additionally, drain cleaners can negatively affect the surrounding structure of the drain like sinks, tubs and fixtures. This amounts to added costs with using the product. This is not an issue with professional plumbing companies.

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