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Causes of Boiler Leaks

Many homes in the Cedar Falls, IA area rely on boilers to do the job in the winter, and while they are eminently reliable systems, they suffer from problems from time to time. Timely maintenance can help with that, but sooner or later a repair call will be necessary. Among the most common repairs we receive is a leak in the system, which not only creates puddles and other problems, but can severely affect your system’s ability to do its job. There are several possible causes of boiler leaks, which need to be addressed by a trained technician over and above simply sealing the leak. Otherwise, the problem will recur elsewhere in your system. Here are some possible causes of boiler leaks for you to watch out for.

Excessive Pressure

Excessively high pressure in your system creates stress on the pipes and other components, and over time they can develop rust and corrosion in different parts of the system. A boiler that constantly runs at an excessive temperature is apt to develop leaks, along with a host of other potential issues. Make sure your press gauge has the right settings and check with your service provider to make sure the maintenance sessions you schedule look for any pressure issues.

Loose Joints and Fittings

A number of pressure problems take place around the connections between pipe lengths: in the fittings and joints where two pieces of pipe connect. If they’re not tightened sufficiently, or the seals nearby start to corrode, you’re going to see a lot of drips and leaks. In some cases, that can be repaired simply by tightening the fitting or replacing the seal. In others, more extensive repairs will be required, since the nearby pipes themselves will need to be refitted or replaced.

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