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A Booming Furnace Is a Bad Sign

Furnaces can make a lot of different noises. Some of it, like the gentle whooshing of air coming from your air vents, are good noises. These noises help signal to you that the system is working properly and it’s not going to leave you in the cold. However, there are plenty of sounds that signal that the system is in dire need of support, from maintenance to vital repairs.

This blog has two purposes. One is to help answer some of the questions you might have about your booming furnace and to alleviate the stressful situation you’re in. The second purpose is to inform any of our readers on the potential hazards that come with a booming furnace, and why this sound should never be ignored. Once you’ve been clearly informed on this kind of problem, we urge you to contact our team for furnace repair in Waterloo, IA so that your home’s heating can go back to normal.

“Why Does My Furnace Boom?”

A booming furnace, while a common occurrence as far as problems go, is never a good sign. It basically means that a miniature explosion is occurring inside of the combustion chamber that is endangering the structural integrity of the system.

Don’t panic, this explosion is not going to hurt anyone, but i can in the future for reasons we’ll get to below.

The ignition of a furnace requires two components, gas injectors and an electrical ignition (or the case or an older furnace, a pilot light) Once the gas is injected into the chamber, it is ignited and turns into a burning flam which heats up the air in your home. If the gas injectors or the ignition are covered in grime and soot, however, then this will take some time and a large amount of gas will get ignited all at once, making that disconcerting “boom” sound.

The Dangers of a Booming Furnace

As we mentioned before, when all that pooling gas ignites at once, it creates a little explosion inside of the system. Normally, a furnace is built to handle this kind of pressure, but not over long periods of time. Dealing with a booming furnace for months or even years can cause the integrity of the components to deteriorate, to the point where it becomes unsafe.

There are sensitive components that need to be kept intact in order for your family to be safe. The heat exchanger, for instance, is a metal component that keeps the combustion gases separate from the fresh, clean air of your home. When a furnace booms and shakes over a long period of time, it can cause the heat exchanger to crack and break, allowing carbon monoxide to leak into your home’s air.

This Problem Is Preventable

Simply put, if your furnace is booming, invest in repairs ASAP. This will ensure that the system is in good shape and not leaking fumes into the air.

But keep in mind that this problem is preventable with yearly maintenance. As long as the gas injectors and ignition are clean, then it’s not going to happen. During maintenance, a professional will clean the components of your system, wiping away the grime and soot, so you don’t have to deal with it.

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