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3 Awesome Reasons to Choose Our Team This Winter

So, your heating system has finally decided to call it quits after almost a decade of dutiful service. You’ve probably called for help numerous times this year and it’s finally becoming financially unfeasible to keep fixing this machine. Now, with such a large purchase on the horizon, things are getting financially tight and you’re probably looking for reasons to invest in a professional team.

After all, an amateur or family friend installing a system you purchase would probably be a lot cheaper, right? And that doesn’t sound so bad. But in truth, you’ll likely end up paying more and dealing with some serious consequences if you purchase amateur installation or service.

On the other end of the spectrum, our services like installation and replacement might seem more expensive in comparison, but they’re well worth the cost. Let’s talk about three distinct reasons why you’ll want to choose our team for heating in Waterloo, IA.

A Two-Year “Buy It Back” Guarantee

Sometimes, the best idea is to replace your old and outdated gas or oil furnace with a new and improved heat pump or ductless mini split. These systems can be and overall net boon for your home comfort, budget, and more. But not every customer feels like taking a risk that won’t financially pan out for them.

That’s why our team beats amateur service with a “two-year buy it back guarantee” which allows you to try out a system to your satisfaction. Simply put, if you don’t like the unit you purchased, even after an entire year, we’ll buy it back from you with no questions asked.

Try getting this kind of special service from a local amateur!

Ten Years of No Service Fees

Service fees can be where people get the most afraid of professional service, since they can be a good amount larger than the nominally small cost of amateur or unlicensed service. But our team is proud to offer 10 years of no service fees when customers purchase a system through us.

This means that basically, the longer you work with our team, the more you’re likely to save on routine repairs and other visits that might otherwise cost more money.

Lifetime Parts Repair Warranty Guarantee

With professional teams like ours, craftsmanship is ultimately what you pay for. Our work speaks for itself and it’s what really sells. That’s why we can easily cover our parts repairs with a lifetime guarantee.

It’s easy–if a repair we provided for your HVAC system doesn’t do the trick, we’ll simply replace it at no cost to you. It doesn’t matter if that repaired part fails in 5 or 10 years, we’re confident enough to offer a replacement if it doesn’t last.

An Excellent Maintenance Plan and More

Don’t just stop there! Get even more savings with our maintenance plan which is specifically designed to extend the lifespan and energy efficiency of your home heating system. Look at our maintenance plan and schedule an appointment when you’re ready to get more bang for your buck!

At Dalton Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, Electric and Fireplaces, Inc., your comfort is our promise! To set up an appointment in the Cedar Falls area, give us a call at the number above, email or schedule an appointment online. 

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