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A Regular Plumber Won't Tell You This About Bathroom Remodels

Possible Problems With Bathroom Remodeling

It’s time to remodel your bathroom and you’re thinking of doing it yourself. Before going down the DYI path, consider how working with a professional plumber can help in unexpected ways.

Common Plumbing Issues 

• Will your existing plumbing work for your new bath design? Before starting your plumber will evaluate the condition of existing plumbing and determine if it will compliment your new bath design. Weak pipes will be replaced and if necessary, rerouted to work with your plan.

• Can anything be more aggravating then discovering that you forgot a part? A bath has lots of parts. From the obvious sink and toilet to the small hidden fittings behind the walls your plumber will provide the expertise to point out the parts you’ll need to pick out and fill in the rest himself.

• Do you want to play with the hazardous combination of water and electricity? A bath remodel brings together the most hazardous elements of home renovation— water and electricity. Your plumber knows how to safely handle these components.

What Local Codes Need To Be Followed?

An experienced plumber will be knowledgeable with regards to local codes and during his work may also discover old code violations he can correct. Fixing these violations during the building process is better than having them discovered by an inspector later.

When Should You Replace Your Shower or Tub?
If you are doing a bathroom renovation, it’s the perfect time to evaluate and adjust for tub or shower use. For example, if an aged family member will be using the room exclusively, an easy to step into shower may work best. If this is the going to be your own private sanctuary it’s time to shop for that two person whirlpool you’ve always dreamed of.

Another very necessary time to replace your tub or shower is when it’s cracked or leaking. Cracks and leaks don’t get better. If left broken, water from these leaks can ruin floors as well as ceilings in the level below. Moisture also promotes growth of mold which can spread throughout your home.

Working with your professional plumber can mean the difference between an okay remodel job and creating the bathroom of your dreams. He offers the valuable expertise to get the job done right. Talk to a professional plumber today.

Call Dalton Plumbing, Heating, & Cooling Inc.  at (319) 266-3513 right now for bathroom remodeling services. Our experienced technicians will service your Cedar Falls home in no time! 

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