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How to Make Your Life Easier with Smart Home Additions

Do you want to know the quickest way to make your life a little easier? Installing smart home technology! In the past few years, smart home upgrades have become more accessible and more affordable. Here are few upgrades that the Dalton team recommends to make your home in the Cedar Falls and Waterloo area more comfortable.

Save Your Air Conditioning

Smart thermostats aren’t new to the market, but changes in their technology have made them more convenient and easier to use. New smart thermostats take the guesswork out of maintaining your home comfort. They can sense when you’re at home or away and adjust the temperature accordingly. Additionally, you can control them remotely, so no more returning home to an overheated house. Instead, you can lower the temperature while you are in commute and enjoy the cooled air when you arrive.

Save Your Electricity

Did you know that your lighting can contribute to about 15% of your electrical bill? Every bit adds up, so we suggest installing some “smart” upgrades. Not only are smart lights eco-friendly, but they are connected to a hub unit that allows you to control them while you’re at home or away. That means no more getting out of bed to switch off the light! Simply turn off any light, fan, or lamp with the simple touch of a button.

 Save Your Water

When it gets hot in Eastern Iowa, we can use extra water in the garden. Did you know that you can stretch this extra water with smart sprinklers? The systems allow you to alter the settings remotely, so if it the temperature cooled, or we receive an unexpected rain shower, you can skip the water that day. On the other hand, if the heat is particularly excruciating, amp up the flow!

To take it a step further, you can set up zones in your yard that will quantify the amount of water they’ve received. This way, you can create the ideal watering levels for your unique landscaping.

Get Peace of Mind

There are dozens of devices that can improve your peace of mind while you’re home or away, including smart smoke and CO detectors. Are you guilty of disabling your detector when it goes off? You’re not alone! In fact, a recent figure shows that two-thirds of all resident fire fatalities occur in a home where the smoke detector was missing or disabled. Some units can even save you money on your homeowner’s insurance.

Do you have questions on smart home upgrades, or are you ready to install some new technology? Call Dalton today for help because, with Dalton, your comfort is our promise.


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