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A Regular Plumber Won't Tell You This About Bathroom Remodels

Friday, December 26th, 2014

Possible Problems With Bathroom Remodeling

It’s time to remodel your bathroom and you’re thinking of doing it yourself. Before going down the DYI path, consider how working with a professional plumber can help in unexpected ways.

Common Plumbing Issues 

• Will your existing plumbing work for your new bath design? Before starting your plumber will evaluate the condition of existing plumbing and determine if it will compliment your new bath design. Weak pipes will be replaced and if necessary, rerouted to work with your plan.

• Can anything be more aggravating then discovering that you forgot a part? A bath has lots of parts. From the obvious sink and toilet to the small hidden fittings behind the walls your plumber will provide the expertise to point out the parts you’ll need to pick out and fill in the rest himself.

• Do you want to play with the hazardous combination of water and electricity? A bath remodel brings together the most hazardous elements of home renovation— water and electricity. Your plumber knows how to safely handle these components.

What Local Codes Need To Be Followed?

An experienced plumber will be knowledgeable with regards to local codes and during his work may also discover old code violations he can correct. Fixing these violations during the building process is better than having them discovered by an inspector later.

When Should You Replace Your Shower or Tub?
If you are doing a bathroom renovation, it’s the perfect time to evaluate and adjust for tub or shower use. For example, if an aged family member will be using the room exclusively, an easy to step into shower may work best. If this is the going to be your own private sanctuary it’s time to shop for that two person whirlpool you’ve always dreamed of.

Another very necessary time to replace your tub or shower is when it’s cracked or leaking. Cracks and leaks don’t get better. If left broken, water from these leaks can ruin floors as well as ceilings in the level below. Moisture also promotes growth of mold which can spread throughout your home.

Working with your professional plumber can mean the difference between an okay remodel job and creating the bathroom of your dreams. He offers the valuable expertise to get the job done right. Talk to a professional plumber today.

Call Dalton Plumbing, Heating, & Cooling Inc.  at (319) 266-3513 right now for bathroom remodeling services. Our experienced technicians will service your Cedar Falls home in no time! 

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Must-Know Information About Your Home's Furnace

Friday, December 19th, 2014

Dealing With Your Furnace

In the dead of winter, the last thing someone wants is an issue with their furnace. However, as with most mechanical items in our homes there can be common problems that could cause it not function correctly and therefore not produce the warm home we need. Some of these problems you may experience include a furnace that produces no heat which could be caused by a thermostat problem, a pilot light that is out, or maybe even an electrical issue.

Another issue you may have is that your furnace is not producing enough heat. This could be as simple as an obstructed air flow problem or your gas burners needing adjustments. Alternatively your furnace could have problems that cause it to turn off and on in an excessive amount. This might be caused by the dirty air filter or something more serious such as a problem with the blower motor.

Benefits of Timely Repairs

There are several reasons why you should conduct timely repairs on your furnace and your overall HVAC system. First, it will cost you less over the life of your system if you conduct the maintenance and repairs when they are called for vice waiting until you need the system to be functional because of the weather outside.

Second, these systems are mechanical in nature and engineers are constantly looking for ways to improve them. Waiting to make the repairs could put your system in danger of becoming an out of date and obsolete system. When this occurs there are no longer repair parts and it may call for a total replacement of your system. Another reason and the most important reason for conducting the timely repairs on your furnace are for the safety of your home and system. As previously mentioned, these furnace systems are mechanical in nature that are run on either electricity or gas. An issue with these systems could be a sign of a serious problem that could potentially be a fire hazard.

When to Call a Professional

Furnace RepairWith any potential repair of an HVAC system, a homeowner needs to understand what they can do themselves and when it’s time to call a professional. For this there is a simple litmus test, first can you identify what is wrong with your system? Second, is the repair within your rational scope of knowledge? Obviously some repairs such as changing out an air filter, or thermostat, or maybe relighting a pilot light are probably easy fixes for most homeowners. But the idea of changing out a blower motor, or checking its belts maybe something that is better left to a professional HVAC contractor.

Looking to hire professional HVAC technicians for your Cedar Falls home’s furnace repair? Call Dalton Plumbing, Heating, & Cooling Inc. at (319) 266-3513 for our quick and efficient services. 

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Forgot About The Air Filter Again?

Friday, December 12th, 2014

Air Filter Replacement


Cedar Falls Heating & CoolingChanging your air filter is a chore that many of us tend to forget about. It is a simple task that we over look and take for granted. Though air filters are a small part of the home they pay a major role. Switching air filter’s in a timely manner can help to maintain a safe and comfortable environment while saving you money.

When you change your air filter in a timely manner you are helping to keep your home safe and free from particles that can cause an allergic reaction or trigger asthma. Failure to change your air filter will result in various particles being circulated back into your home. This can become dangerous for you and your family. Dust, pollen, and other particles can trigger an asthma attack, allergic reaction, or cause other repertory issues to develop. Keep your family safe by changing your air filter in a timely manner.

Air FilterIn addition to helping keep your family safe, changing your air filter in a timely manner can help maintain the comfort level in your home. An air filter that is not changed in a timely manner can cause your HVAC system to accumulate dirt and become clogged. When this occurs, your HVAC system can stop working properly. A malfunctioning HVAC system will not be able to provide an ample amount of heat during the cold months or cool air during the hot months. Don’t put your family’s comfort at stake, make sure that you change your air filter in a timely manner is order to make sure your HVAC continues to provide heat and cool air when needed.

Finally, changing your home’s air filter in a timely manner can help to save you money. Failing to change your air filter, will more than likely lead to an HVAC system that is clogged with accumulated dust and other particles. This clog will can cause your system to work harder in order to provide your family with needed heat or cool air. A system that works harder than usual means that more electrical current will be used to power these particular efforts. More electrical use by your HVAC system will lead to a hike in your utility bill. Also, you HVAC system can become damaged due to being overworked or clogged resulting in repair costs. Don’t let this happen to you, be sure to change your air filters in a timely manner in order to help save money.

Does your Cedar Falls home need urgent air filter replacement? Dial (319) 266-3513 now to contact Dalton Plumbing, Heating, & Cooling Inc. top notch services. 

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Must Know Home-Owning Information

Friday, December 5th, 2014

Maintaining a Garbage Disposal


Garbage DisposalThe garbage disposal helps to reduce the trash being thrown away and keep it from the landfill. When operating perfectly, the garbage disposal chops and churns the food particles into liquid, allowing them to flow easily down the pipes with water. The problem is that many foods that should not be in the disposal get trapped in the pipes and begin to solidify. They start to smell soon after and can cause a terrible odor in the kitchen area.

Why Does the Disposal Smell So Bad?

When foods that are recommended enter the disposal, they are chopped into such small pieces they easily flow right out of the home. It is those items that should not be chopped that do not break down small enough, becoming easily trapped to the inner walls of the pipes. There, the food particles simply begin to rot each day, emitting that terrible odor into your home.

What Can a Plumber Do to Fix The Smell?

Cedar Falls PlumberYour local plumbing professional will open the pipes and scrub clean the interior surface of the pipes with an organic cleaning solution. This solution will remove any rotting food that is causing the smell, and the coating will also act like a barrier for future particles to simply slide right off. The food that is liquified by the garbage disposal will now flow right down the pipes like they were intended to. It is important to have your local plumber do a cleaning at least once a year to keep the pipes clear. This will get rid of that odor coming from the pipes in your kitchen.

What Shouldn’t I Put into my Disposal?

Obviously, bones of any sort should never be placed in the disposal because they can damage the blades and get stuck in pipes where another food particles will be attracted to. Never put oils or grease in your garbage disposal, they will eventually solidify overnight and cause the pipes to clog. Egg shells are very dangerous to the blades of the disposal, the membranes easily attach themselves to the metal and make it hard for the blades to properly chop other foods. Read the owners manual of your garbage disposal, many fruit and vegetable skins are also not recommended in the disposal. Rice and macaroni will continue to expand in the disposal, so throw them in the trash and not down the drain.

If your home is in need of garbage disposal services, call Dalton Plumbing, Heating, & Cooling Inc.  at (319) 266-3513 for the best services in the Cedar Falls area. 

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