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Handling the Dangers of a Leak In Your Home

Friday, October 24th, 2014

Precautions For Water Leaks


Cedar Falls PlumberThe time to take precautions when you discover a leak in the home is sooner than later. Each day that you allow the water leak to continue you run the risk of doing more damage inside the home. Leaks in the ceiling or walls are an indication the problem is so severe that the pooling water has compromised the integrity of those materials and leaked into the home. Water will continue to damage surrounding areas until you find the source of the leak and make the repair today.

How Do I Stop the Leak from Getting Worse?

If you can not locate the exact source of the leak, it is important to shut of the water to that areas as soon as possible. If the leak is around a bathroom appliance, you can shut off individual water shut offs that control the flow of water to the sinks or toilet. If the leak is in the ceiling or walls, you may have to shut off the main water supply until you can get the problem addressed.

Why is it Important to Fix a Leak Issue?

The water will simply continue to leak until it is fixed. if the ceiling has a water spot and is leaking, chances are the water has been traveling the ceiling beams and pooling up inside the insulation. Once the insulation becomes saturated, the water will continue traveling downward. It can be a real challenge to find a leak in the ceiling, and the longer you do not fix it the more damage will eventually occur.

What are the Advantages to Calling a Professional Plumber?

Water LeakYour local plumbing professional has made these types of repairs hundreds of time this year already. They have the experience to be able to follow the trail back to the source and make the necessary repair before the damage worsens. Once they have located the source of the leak, they will do an inspection of the surrounding area to determine if the issue is minor or an indication of a much bigger problem. Your plumber will then consult with you on a course of action to make the repair and restore the flow of water through the house.

If you have a leak in the home, your best course of action is to allow a professional plumber to find the source and make the repair today. This will ensure your property and your home are protected from further damage.

Is there a pesky leak troubling you? Call Dalton Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Inc. today at (319) 266-3513 for quick and effective plumbing services in the Cedar Falls area.

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It's Getting Chilly Out There!

Friday, October 17th, 2014

How Often Should I Have Furnace Tune-Up Services?


Cedar Falls HVACFall is here and with it cooler temperatures. This is the time to regularly change your furnace filter and have your furnace checked out. Because you will be using your heating system more often and a great deal of air will be flowing through your ducts and into your home, it is important to ensure that your furnace is in good shape.

Winter Months Require Frequent Furnace Filter Changes

During winter months it is important to change your furnace filter regularly to keep the air in your home safe and healthy. Because you and your family will be staying inside more, it is important to inspect your air filter once a month and change them every two to three months.

Damage Can Occur From Clogged Furnace Filters

Air filters collect small particles of pet dander, pollen, dust throughout the day and before long they can become clogged. When filters become clogged, it causes the blower to work harder, which in turn, increases your energy bill. If the blower overheats, it can burn out. Keep in mind, that when air flow is reduced, it takes longer to heat your home.

Inadequate Heating Systems: Can Lead to Carbon Monoxide Exposure
One of the most effective things you can do to prevent a build up of dust and dander is to change your furnace filter regularly. Most importantly, your furnace should be checked once a year. Inadequate heating systems can lead to carbon monoxide exposure. It is the heat exchanger that should be inspected thoroughly once a year. The heat exchanger acts as a barrier between your home and the gases and fumes produced by your furnace.

Annual Furnace Inspections Keep your Heating Systems in Good Repair

It is important to note that in addition to safety, an annual furnace inspection is an effective way to protect the investment you have in your heating system. There are several reasons way furnaces fail such as humidity, improper installation, dirty filters and improper venting.

To conclude, furnaces need regular care and maintenance in order to keep them in good repair. Besides the above mentioned steps, always keep the area around your furnace clean and unobstructed, and most importantly, leave the furnace work to HVAC experts.

Serving your Cedar Falls community everyday. Give Dalton Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Inc. a call at (319) 266-3513 for guaranteed quality furnace inspection services!

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Upgrade Your Kitchen Today!

Friday, October 10th, 2014

Why Do I Need a Plumber to Remodel My Kitchen?


Kitchen RemodelingWhether a homeowner is currently aware of it or not, they may be able to greatly benefit from having their kitchen remodeled. Enhancing any areas of one’s home can bring a lot of benefits, but a kitchen has an exceptional amount of effects on the atmosphere of a home. Since the kitchen of most homes is one of the most utilized areas, enhancing and upgrading it will have a great amount of positive impacts on the atmosphere in the property. However, hiring a professional plumber is always the best way of going about it.

A kitchen remodeling company will usually be required to work alongside a professional plumbing company. This is because a great amount of the kitchen is encompassed by several sets of drains and pipelines. A home’s plumbing system is connected to the home by several different components, all of which are composed within a centralized unit. When one area of a home’s plumbing system fails, the entire home will most likely become affected in some way. This is because all of the pipelines within the plumbing system are connected to one another.

Cedar Falls Plumber Why does a plumbing company need to work alongside a kitchen remodeling company? The answer is quite simple, yet perfectly fine to question. A homeowner may think that they are spending more on services than they would be if they were to hire one single company to take care of their remodeling needs. However, this may not be possible. Most kitchen remodeling companies will solely specialize in moving amenities, cabinetry, appliances, and wall fixtures from one place to another, as per request of the homeowner. Their handling of the plumbing system is not recommended because most remodeling companies are not versed well enough on the mechanics of the majority of a home’s pipes and drains. A plumbing company assures the homeowner that their pipelines are placed in areas where they will provide them with the greatest efficiency and usability. If pipelines are placed in awkward positions, then a malfunctioning of the plumbing system is very likely to occur. Why not contact your local plumbing company prior to beginning a kitchen remodeling job? You may even qualify for special discounts!

Are you looking to turn your Cedar Falls kitchen into an exquisite space for culinary creations? Call Dalton Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Inc. at (319) 266-3513 for the plumbing help you need to make this dream come true.  

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Top 7 Heat Pump User Tips

Friday, October 3rd, 2014

7 Heat Pump Tips For New Users

To understand how to use a heat pump, you must first understand what a heat pump is. A heat pump transfers heat from one fluid to another. The first fluid must be at a lower temperature while the second fluid must be at a higher temperature. This process actually defies the natural heat flow which usually starts with a higher temperature and transfers to a lower temperature. Because of this unnatural process, the heat pump is similar to a water pump.

How does a heat pump work?
It has a closed circuit where a specific refrigerated fluid flows through it. Depending on the temperature and pressure, this refrigerated fluid can be either a liquid or a gas. A heat pump is the best and most efficient way to heat your home. It will give you three times more heat than the amount of energy it used to transfer it. Sick of those sky rocket heating bills? Then, the heat pump is just the thing for you.
You might think of a heat pump and think that of course, it has something to do with heat, which is true. What you might not know, is that it can also function as a central air conditioner. The heat pump doubles as both heat and air! It does this by taking the heat from the inside of your house and transferring it outside.There are three different types of heat pumps including air-to-air, geothermal, and water source. They all take the heat either from the air, water, or ground from the outside of your house and then transfer it inside or the opposite, from inside to outside, depending on whether you are using the heat pump to heat up or cool down your home.Even though the air-to-air and the water source heat pumps already decrease energy use by a lot, the geothermal heat pump decreases it even more by 30%-60%. It also decreases humidity. Another great benefit of using a geothermal heat pump is that they are extremely durable and you can always rely on them. Fortunately, geothermal heat pumps are supported in many different kinds of homes.

Heat PumpHeat Pump Tips:

1. Do not control your heat pump’s thermostat manually because this will make the electric heating system come on.
2. Install a programmable thermostat with different functions for your heat pump. You can have a professional do this or even do it yourself.
3. If you are currently suffering from high electric bills, consider a heat pump and find the best one that is suited for you.
4. Remember that a heat pump is to be used to cool or heat a home so do not rule it out just because you live in an extreme climate, hot or cold, and think that a heat pump is not for you.
5. The environmental choice of a heat pump is the geothermal one.
6. One of the great things about a heat pump is that it is very efficient being that instead of burning fuel to create heat, all it does is transfer it.
7. Using a heat pump can reduce your electric bill by 50%.Buy a heat pump today and you will love the benefits!

Want to install a heat pump in your Cedar Falls home? Call Dalton Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Inc. at (319) 266-3513 today for quick and reliable services.

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