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What Are the Dangers of Backflow?

Responsible homeowners need to take whatever steps they can to prevent problems with their plumbing, heating and other vital household systems. That often includes problems with leaks and flooding in your plumbing system. Sometimes, trouble with your plumbing can emerge from expected problems such as leaks, frozen pipes or clogs in the piping. But other times, they can lie totally outside your control, such as when heavy rains produce backwater that floods your faucets and other appliances. Here in Cedar Falls, IA, we have a strong civic plumbing system, but Mother Nature always has the final word, and sometimes even the best system can’t prevent backwater. That’s why backflow testing is such a good idea, since it can help prepare you for the dangers of backflow.

Why Is Backflow a Problem?

Backflow is a problem because it can damage your home with water, and overflow in general creates a big mess. It can also promote corrosion of your pipes, create leaks and breaches, and cause similar problems with the system. But the biggest issue is more than damage; it’s health. When water flows form the civic sewer system back into your home, it can often contain contaminants such as human waste and toxic chemicals. That exposes your family to all manner of health risks, and because it often lies beyond your ability to control, you can never tell when it’s going to strike.

What Testing Can Tell You

Testing can help you determine where potential problems lie: where high pressure and similar issues create problems in your plumbing. It can also check the status of automatic shut-off valves and other safety features, ensuring that if backflow occurs, then your home will be ready for it and you can avoid most of the problems that ensue.

To schedule backflow testing in your home, call the experts at Dalton Plumbing today!

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