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Time to Listen to Your Heater

What would happen if your appliances suddenly woke up and could speak? It would make for some pretty good entertainment, and if you’re a screenwriter who happened upon this blog, then take the idea and run with it! But for everyone else, it’s fun to imagine for a second that our heating systems might strike up a conversation with us. What would they talk about? How would they sound?

Well, we’re not just bringing this topic up for giggles. There’s a real truth behind the fact that we pay less attention to the parts of our lives that don’t directly talk to us. Our heating systems can take a beating, and because they don’t have eyes or mouths to voice their frustrations, nothing gets done until they break down. Today we’d like to talk about how your heating system might beg you for heating service in Waverly, IN, and why that could be a big problem.

It Might Tell You That It Needs a Filter Change

Wouldn’t it be nice if your heating system told you every time it needed a filter change? At least it would sound more polite than an alarm or a sticky note on your calendar.

A heating system’s filter needs to be changed every 1-3 months. This is important because this schedule is what keeps the filter from getting too clogged up where it could start impacting the heating process. However, it’s up to homeowners to keep track of this schedule, since their heating system can’t actually speak.

It Might Beg You for Maintenance

One of the first things your newly sentient heating system might ask for is maintenance because it’s just that important. Maintenance is like sending your heater to the spa for a day: it gets all the important treatments for a tune-up, an inspection, and even a minor repair if it’s needed.

Unfortunately, your heating system can’t tell you when it needs maintenance. So it’s up to you to schedule an appointment on a regular schedule with a professional.

It Might Tell You About a Refrigerant Leak

If you’ve got a heat pump, then the first thing it might want to tell you (if it could talk) would be that it’s leaking refrigerant. This is a serious problem that needs to be repaired if you want your heat pump to work efficiently or effectively.

A refrigerant leak can also be detected with bubbling and hissing noises.

It Might Be Talking to Your Right Now!

Yes, we’re not kidding. Close your eyes and pay close attention while your heating system is running. Do you hear a noise? If so, then your heating system is trying to communicate with your right now and it’s telling you to get it fixed!

A noisy heating system is one of the first and most obvious symptoms of a problem. Heaters are supposed to run quietly and smoothly throughout the year. Once they start rattling, banging, booming, or making any sort of ruckus, they’ll be in need of serious repairs. Otherwise, you could risk your system breaking down at an inconvenient time. Be sure to listen to your system, it doesn’t need sentience to try and tell you something important.

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