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Signs of Heating Problems You Should Watch Out for

Winter is here in full force in Cedar Falls, IA, which means you’re going to use your heating system now more than ever. Problems, when they arise, tend to come as a great shock to homeowners, which is a pity because most issues with a faulty heating system leave signs of trouble long before they break down. If you can spot these signs, you can summon a qualified repair service and treat the problem before it leaves your home without heat (and possibly saving money on a less expensive repair in the bargain).


Most heating systems make noise when they run, especially when first starting up. You’ve probably become quite accustomed to the sounds yours makes, but if those sounds every change, it’s probably a sign that something is wrong. That can include hums, rattles, groans, hissing noises or grinding sounds. When you notice them, turn your heating system off immediately and summon a repair technician to take a look.

Low Heat Levels

Obviously a heater that produces no heat is a problem. But it can also exhibit trouble if it gives out some heat, but less than it should, Clogged burners and the like can reduce heat levels without shutting the system off, resulting in higher bills as the system, works harder to overcome the trouble.

Spikes in Your Bill

Not every problem makes itself know directly. In some cases, a faulty component will continue to function, but the trouble will force the heater to work harder in order to overcome the issue.  Your bills will go up unnecessarily and may result in an eventual breakdown if you’re not careful. If you spot an unexpected spike in your heating bills, especially if you haven’t used the heater more than normal, contact a repair service right away.

The Pros at Dalton Plumbing, Heating and Cooling, Inc. can repair your heating system!

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