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Problems that Warrant Boiler Repair

Boilers have been providing heat to homes throughout the country for many, many years. There are a number of reasons why the boiler is still one of the most trusted heating systems there is on the market today. They provide you with even and effective warmth without the air quality issues you may encounter with furnaces.

Since boilers have much fewer moving parts than other heating systems, they don’t age as fast as other types of heating systems either, and typically last for many years with only a few repair needs. However, no heating system is completely invulnerable, and you may run into a problem at some point that warrants boiler repairs, such as the following.


If the pipes that run underneath your home develop breaks, then sediment may be allowed to enter the boiler’s water tank. When the sediment begins to build up, it will reduce the water volume in the tank—which causes the water to overheat and will spike your water pressure to the point that it can cause serious leakage. Flushing the tank appropriately can usually remedy this problem. Make sure you get routine maintenance done on your boiler, since flushing the system is a regular part of this service.


It’s only natural that a boiler is prone to corrosion, as is the case in any scenario where water meets metal. This chemical reaction will severely weaken your boiler’s water tank and cause it to begin leaking. The anode rod component at the top of the water tank helps prevent corrosion from getting inside, however if this rod rusts through completely, then your boiler will be at risk. If corrosion is caught in time, technicians usually won’t have a problem removing the impacted parts and replacing them.

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