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Old Wiring Needs to Be Replaced

Have you ever heard of the term “knob and tube wiring?” It’s a dreaded term that home inspectors avoid like the plague and it’s something that can be the difference between a solid home purchase and a money pit.

As technology advances so does our understanding of how electrical systems work. Electricity hasn’t always been around, but when human beings started figuring out how to wire their homes for electrical power, they did so in ways that we would not deem safe today. Knob and tube wiring is an old and outdated method for wiring a home and it’s one that we’d argue needs to be replaced no matter how old or aesthetically pleasing your home might be.

And for some of the reasons we’re about to mention, this kind of electrical work should only be done by a licensed electrician in Cedar Falls, IA.

Safety Always Comes First

There’s an important topic we need to discuss before we talk about anything else. It’s safety.

At the turn of the 20th century, homes were being outfitted with old knob and tube wiring to bring electrical power to light bulbs, appliances, and more. This revolutionized the way people lived, but it was also done during a period when knowledge of electricity was still just beginning to be understood. Now, we understand that some of the methods we once used to set homes up for electrical currents are unsafe and can lead to fire hazards.

First and foremost, if your home has knob and tube wiring from before the 1960s, then it’s likely a hazard just waiting to happen. These wires are often live and exposed, and just touching them can send an electrical current through you or an object. So for your own safety and the safety of your family, you should call a professional electrician to have this dealt with.

Old Wiring Affects Your Home Insurance

Old wiring can affect your home insurance. Many insurance companies won’t protect your home with a policy if they find out that there’s active knob and tube wiring in there. This is because these old electrical systems are so dangerous and often lead to so many fire hazards that insurance companies just won’t cover them.

So, if you’re nervous about skyrocketing insurance prices, or the fact that your home insurance might cease to cover your own home, then we’d advise you to get this fixed soon.

Power Problems

“Well, if the wires are still live, then why not use them? What’s the problem?” This is a question we get from homeowners who might find out they have knob and tube wiring in their homes. Why not just use it if it’s there?

Not only are they unsafe, but they rarely provide enough electricity to power modern-day appliances such as TVs, computers, and even smartphones. In the past when they were set up, they were only really used for lights and very old appliances that didn’t do more than heat slices of bread. The truth is that knob and tube wiring is just unstable, old, and likely doesn’t work as well as you might hope.

It’s time to get your old wiring removed and replaced with a newer, safer electrical system.

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